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Switch energy and save.

clean, renewable electricity.
of our natural gas is carbon offset.
off your household carbon footprint.
off your bill.
Save on average 20% vs the Big 6.
profit on the energy you use.

Pay less when you switch to renewables. You win. The planet wins. And with one tariff for all members, you'll always be on our best rate.

Pay a low monthly membership fee and get 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas at our members' rate. It's a pass through rate, based on wholesale energy rates - so you pay what we pay. There's zero markup.

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We'll tell you in advance if we change it. There's no exit fee. Stay because you want to. You're free to go any time you don't.

Members' rate.

This is the per kilowatt (kWh) unit rate. It's a pass through rate, based on wholesale costs, which means you pay what we pay for your energy. There's zero markup.

It covers:

  • The wholesale cost of your energy and transporting it to your home
  • Renewable certification (REGOs)
  • Carbon offsets
  • Government levies
  • Settlement fees
  • VAT.

It's a variable rate that can go down as well as up. We'll tell you in advance when it changes. There's no fixed term and no nasty surprise price increase after the first year.

That's it. You pay what we pay. In fact, there’s no reason to ever switch again. Why go anywhere else?

Your monthly payments.

We spread your forecast annual spend across 12 direct debit monthly payments. We collect a little less in summer than in winter to match your energy use. Easy. Convenient.

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Tap on My Account to see your energy use and spend. Put an end to estimated bills. We’ll tell you when it’s time to tap and take a meter reading. Be free from call centres. No need to hold the line. Tap Help to find answers instantly via our bot Watt and the team. Join our Community to join the conversation about the small steps to help make big changes to our planet.

There’s always more coming soon

Watch out for app updates. Our smart meter roll out is next: it’ll give you more control of your energy, instant updates on what you’ve used and what it costs.

It’s modern and intuitive. It’s energy designed around members, not meters.

Great things are happening on Pure Planet.

Come and be part of it.

Our energy

No fracking. No coal. No nukes.

Wind energy has the potential to generate 20 times more power than the world needs.

Sunlight delivers 20,000 times the power that’s needed to supply the whole world.

Hydropower is 10 times more productive than oil-fired power stations.

A quarter of Britain's power comes from renewable sources today. We want that to be 100%. Which is why we offer our great value, 100% renewable tariff.

certified good.

All our power is backed by REGOs.

All our carbon offset gas is backed by CERs giving you peace of mind.

You save money with each of our energy sources.

You are cutting your carbon footprint.

That’s good for you and the planet.

100% certified good

The Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme provides transparency to consumers about the proportion of electricity that suppliers source from renewable generation. One REGO certificate is issued per megawatt hour (MWh) of eligible renewable output. All our electricity has REGO certification, so you can be confident that all the power we purchase on your behalf is renewably sourced.

Wind, sun and water are all low carbon ways of producing energy. We never source from shale or fracking. And no nuclear. We want a planet for the next generation too.

100% carbon offset natural gas

Carbon is an essential element of our planet. However, when fuel such as gas is burned it creates carbon dioxide (CO2) that harms the atmosphere and contributes to global warming.

While we work towards a renewable-only electric future, we offset the carbon generated when you use gas by buying Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) on your behalf.

CERs Certified Emission Reductions are UN Clean Development Mechanism certified. They commit to reducing overall emissions and increase sustainability. You can read more about them here.

The typical household using gas generates nearly four tonnes of CO2 each year. That's almost enough to fill a hot air balloon. So let’s make it better. Go carbon offset. Choose Pure Planet for completely carbon offset gas. It's energy which is better for you and the world.

The more people choose renewable power, the more renewables will be built to meet demand.

Cleaner. Brighter. Forever.

Our community

Start or join the conversations about anything you like – from the renewable energy industry to the app on your phone. Big or small, we’re here to help you power up your planet.

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About our business

Pure Planet has been created to build a better world, sustainably.

We’re a for–purpose, for–profit business. We believe in using business to do good, for our customers, for wider society, our environment and, of course, for our team.

We’re motivated by a triple bottom line: people, planet, as well as profit.

We are founded by friends, who have worked together for years, who decided to create a new kind of company - one with a mission beyond itself.
We created a brand which reflects our ambition - Pure Planet.
There’s no reason that we should accept anything less than a healthy world in which we can all thrive. We only have one planet. It's an easy mistake to think it has limitless resources - it doesn’t. It isn’t a dumping ground for our pollution either. There is no throwing rubbish away, if you think about it.
It’s the same with energy. We all need it. We all use it all of the time. But now, with more advanced renewable technologies and cheaper infrastructure prices, there is no reason not to choose cleaner, climate change-friendly, renewable sources.
So, we reflected: what do we want? The answer was simple: a Pure Planet. So that became our goal, our hope, our brand.
  • UN Global Compact - We support the UN's sustainable development goals.
  • Living Wage - we are committed to our employees.
  • Low Carbon South West - we've built our business for low carbon in the world.
  • Disability confident - we want to recruit and retain disabled people and people with health conditions for their skills and talent.
  • Energy Switch Guarantee - we guarantee to switch in less than 23 days - in fact, we aim for 17.