7 Summer energy saving tips

Friday, 9 July 20214 minute read

Stay cool in the summer heat, save cash and carbon and get your home ready for the cooler months ahead with our 7 summer energy saving tips.

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You might think that, seeing as the heating isn't on and the evenings are lighter, there isn’t all that much energy saving you can do in the summer months. But by making a few small changes you can keep your home cool, save some cash and carbon, and get ahead for winter.

Here are 7 ways to save energy this summer.

1. Give your boiler a health check

Your boiler’s probably feeling a little underloved right now, but summer’s actually a great time to get it checked. Engineers are likely to be quieter at this time of year, and can check that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible ahead of the cold winter months when you’ll be using it, and relying on it, more.

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2. Dry clothes outside

Make the most of warmer days and dry your clothes outside. Using a tumble dryer twice a day adds around £228 to your energy bill each year. Air drying instead could slash your household’s carbon footprint by 90kg a year.

3. Invest in some smart technology

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Intelligently control your heating and reduce your energy bill by up to £110 a year with a smart thermostat. Unlike traditional thermostats, with a smart thermostat you can control your heating from anywhere and tailor it to your routine, so you’re not heating rooms you’re not using or wasting energy when you’re out.

Hive offers a range of smart technology for your home including a Which? Best Buy smart thermostat. Visit Hive.

Hive also offers motion sensors and smart lights which not only help you use your energy efficiently but also add an extra layer of security. Find out more about what Hive offers here.

4. Check for draughts

Draught-proofing is one of the most cost-effectives ways to save energy in your home. In the summer months you’ll want to keep the cool air in and hot air out. Check for draughty areas and seal them. The Energy Saving Trust has a great guide on doing this.

Future you will thank you too, as come winter your home will retain the heat you’re putting into it better too, saving you money and keeping you toasty warm.

5. Close the curtains

While it might sound counter-productive, on particularly warm days it’s a good idea to shut the windows and close the curtains to stop the sun from heating your home further. Better that than shelling out extra to run fans.

6. Generate your own power with solar

Make your own renewable energy by harnessing the power of the sun. Solar panels are a great way to generate power, and a cheaper option in the long term, but they’re a big investment. If you’re not ready for that outlay, consider solar-powered security and garden lights instead to brighten up your outside space.

Learn more about solar panels.

7. Get outside

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When the weather’s nice outside and the days are longer, it’s easy to save some energy. Leave the lights off until late, give the oven a break and embrace alfresco dining, and switch off the TV and get outside instead.

How do you save energy in the summer? Let us know in the Community.

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