Community Rewards: Spotlight on Community Member Angela

Friday, 4 June 20214 minute read
Pure Planet

Community Member Angela tells us a little more about herself, and what she plans to do with her Community Reward.

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Last month we announced that our Community has surpassed 50,000 Members. What started out as a small online forum for our Members to find out a bit more about us has grown into a fun, safe space, full of interesting conversations, and the biggest among all the UK’s energy suppliers.

And it’s those 50,000 Members that make our Community unique, supporting Members both new and old with everything from managing their account to choosing their next car.

One of the ways we like to thank our Community Members is through Community Rewards, which are awarded in June and December each year. Members earn points by taking part in conversations about renewable energy and reaching net zero, and by helping other users out — whether a Member gets a reward and the size of the reward will depend on the number of points they’ve accumulated.

One of our most popular Community Members Angela was a recipient of a Community Reward this time round. Since joining the Community back in 2018, Angela has posted more than 3,600 replies and provided 813 best answers.

We caught up with Angela to find out a little more about her and what she’s planning to do with her reward.

How long have you been a Member and why did you join?

I’ve been a Member since Nov 2018. I joined as my fixed deal with EDF ended and the price was going up a ridiculous amount. So I hunted about for a better deal. It was a choice between Pure Planet and Bulb, but I decided on Pure Planet because of their environmental ethos, and I’m soooo glad I did now.

What do you love doing outside of work and with your free time?

Love doing DIY, car and scooter maintenance. Have changed oil, oil filters, spark plugs, bulbs and car rear light cluster, to name a few. Recently replaced the horn on my Burgman 400… not easy, pleased I have small hands. And now and then I do some housework, God I hate housework (husband works less hours than me, so he does a lot of it plus the cooking… happy days).

What’s your top tip for cutting carbon and saving money?

We always holiday in the UK, no horrible planes, and saves loads of money. Also buy local veg from veg shop. Helps the local economy and most times it’s a lot cheaper.

What are you planning to use your latest Community rewards voucher on?

I'm looking forward to getting my voucher and hope to be able to spend them on a new pair of winter motorcycle gloves (I know it’s the summer, but hopefully I'll get a bargain this time of year on Amazon). There's always something I can find to spend on Amazon (how did we ever manage before Amazon?)

How have you found helping with the testing of the new app? Do you like the opportunity to help shape our app, products and service by being involved in the design?

I really enjoyed the app testing, seeing things before they go live and, I hope, contributing to the finished product. I think it’s important to have a customer's point of view, after’s us that's going to be using it!

In your opinion, what makes Pure Planet stand out from other energy suppliers?

I think Pure Planet stands out from other energy suppliers purely for the fact that they treat their customers as individuals/important people, not just faceless customers who pay for their gas and electric. They involve us in a hell of a lot, whereas other suppliers don't. It IS a community, not just a utility company/customer relationship.

And finally... Will you ever switch to an electric motorbike?!

I would LOVE an electric motorbike (and an electric car too) however as I live in a terraced house with no drive and no attached garage (my garage is at the top of the street, with no electric), I have no way to charge one 😭

Thank you Angela for taking the time to answer our questions, and for being such a fantastic Community Member.

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