Everything you need to know about charging EVs. And why there’s really no need to be scared

Wednesday, 24 February 20214 minute read
Electric Vehicles

Who better to chat to about charging electric vehicles than Charlie Jardine, the founder of EO Charging. Charlie’s firm makes the smallest, cutest, sexiest home EV charger in the world

“You probably saved up a lot of money for it, so you're proud of your electric car. You’re proud of your home, too. So, why would you want to stick a big ugly charging thing on the side of it?” You wouldn’t, insists Charlie Jardine.

Charlie is the boss of EO Charging, and is the latest in our Pure Planet People YouTube series, he explains why his firm designed the smallest, neatest, most-miniaturised of EV home chargers: good looks.

We go on to talk about how EVs can save you huge amounts of money in fuel bills. And Charlie confronts those oft-publicised electric vehicle demons: “It’s easy to forget that buying an EV can be scary for people,” he says. “It’s the second biggest purchase you’re likely to make, so it can be nerve-wracking. The first time you take it on a journey, it can be scary - will I be able to charge up, will I get where I’m going?”

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So here, in our lockdown chat, we tackle these issues for you:

  • How easy is it to use public chargers?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do you need a subscription or can you just turn up?
  • What about charging at home? If you don’t have a private driveway or a garage – because you live in a flat, like Charlie – how do you charge your car up?
  • And if you’re in the half of the population that does have a driveway or garage, how do you get a home charger?
  • How do you get the OLEV £350 grant?
  • Can you use a normal three-pin plug instead? And when wouldn't you want to do this?

There’s no need to be intimidated. “Once you’ve driven electric, you won’t want to go back. There’s an exciting electric future ahead,” says Charlie.

So sit back, relax, and find out why.

How to get your EO home EV charger

At Pure Planet, we believe in making EV driving easy. And we want to help as many people as possible to ditch dirty diesel or park up the polluting petrol for good.

Getting an EV charger set up at home, if you can, is the best and fastest way to charge an electric car on a driveway or in a garage.

So we’re delighted to be working with Charlie’s firm to offer our Members a great solution, the EO Mini Pro.

The EO Mini Pro is one of the country’s leading smart EV chargers. The 7kW charger is compatible with all makes and models of EVs and is available in both a tethered and untethered version. The EO Mini Pro is as smart as they come. The EO app allows you to start, stop, schedule and monitor all your home EV charging. And its solar charging and power balancing features, mean your charge point will be future proofed.

The EO Mini Pro is available on our website from just £545 for the tethered version and £615 for the untethered version inc VAT fully installed (this is the cost you’ll pay, after the £350 government grant has been included).

Fill in the online form. It takes a few minutes but it can be done from your mobile. Our friends at EO will be in touch to arrange your installation and will also apply for the OLEV smart charge point grant on your behalf. After a safe and speedy install from an EO approved installer, you’ll be powering up your EV in no time.