Fed up with hearing sustainable excuses? Is it parents or kids that drive the change? Find out what they really think about each other

Wednesday, 31 March 20213 minute read
Pure Planet

We all need to play our part in reducing climate change, which is why we're launching our #NoExcuses campaign

Want to help the planet? Let’s start by helping each other.

If you’re a parent, ask your kids what you could be doing to be more sustainable.

If you’re a child (and we all are) talk to your parents, or your brothers and sisters, about what you can do as a family to live cleaner, greener, more earth-friendly lives.

We all have ideas about how we can live better. And intergenerationally we have different perspectives. So, it’s obvious — we can learn from each other.

So, that’s why we’re launching our #NoExcuses campaign, to get people of all ages working together to reduce their carbon footprints. We launched Pure Planet in 2017 with one goal — to help create a better world by supplying clean, renewable energy to people’s homes for less than power that pollutes.

And last December, we published our latest annual People and Power report. The research reveals how people think about climate change, nature, and how they’re working towards living more sustainably — or not. It highlighted a clear difference — younger people told us they cared more about sustainability, but older people told us they did more about it.

Although they had different approaches, there’s one thing they all agreed on — a shared belief that we all need to reduce our carbon emissions. Across the age groups, 78% said we all have a responsibility to prevent climate change.

The government has made it a law that the UK must reach net zero emissions by 2050. That law affects everything — and every one of us. The will is there, and the only way we’re going to get to net zero is by working together.

So, to launch our #NoExcuses campaign we’ve spoken to real families who’ve told us what’s stopping them making sustainable choices but also how they have found breakthrough ways to work together. #NoExcuses is about encouraging families to have difficult conversations about whether the way they live now is sustainable. It’s about sharing knowledge to make more climate-friendly, low-carbon choices together and pooling resources to live more sustainably in the long term.

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Pure Planet has approaching a quarter of a million Members, each in a home of their own, many living in busy family households. They’re saving money and cutting their carbon footprint — 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 saved or offset so far.

Now imagine what more this great community of people can do by sharing low-carbon ideas with each other.

Our #NoExcuses campaign offers our Members solutions, not problems; ideas rather than ideology. And ultimately it’ll help us all find a way to lower carbon emissions. After all, the only way we’re going to solve climate change is by working together. #NoExcuses.

It’s time to act. Join in. #NoExcuses.