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Friday, 28 August 20204 minute read

Why keeping your boiler, hot water and home heating in top form really matters

It’s still August; it’s not cold; the kids are still playing outside while they can. But there’s a touch of autumn in the air. Already! The leaves are turning; the days are shortening; and schools are going back after their pandemic spring-to-summer break.

It might feel odd, but the time to repair the boiler is when the sun is still shining. So, now’s the ideal moment to check your hot water and home heating system is all set for winter.

A dodgy boiler wastes money and CO2

55% of your home’s energy is spent on heating and hot water says the Energy Saving Trust — it’s a significant chunk of your overall annual bill.

A well maintained boiler will be well over 90% efficient. But older, inefficient boilers could be operating at under 70% efficiency. This is bad news. It means you’re having to spend a whole load more money on burning gas (around a third as much) to get the desired result, wasting money, and creating needless climate-change causing CO2. How many pounds you’re potentially throwing away depends on the age and efficiency of your boiler, of course, whether it’s been serviced, and how big your property — as well as how often you use it.

Don’t think, just because it’s summer still and the heating is off, that you’re not using your boiler much. You’ll still be using it regularly for all your hot water — washing machines, baths, showers. In winter, that inefficiency can produce even more waste — and yet more greenhouse gases.

Here’s a chart showing the typical savings for inefficient boilers compared to a well-maintained or new Grade A boiler.

Don’t get steamed up

It’s not unusual for 20% of homes to face a boiler breakdown in any one year, says Which?. Your boiler may be a quiet hum in a cupboard, something to ignore, but it’s always good to know you’ve got boiler care if you’re in a fix. Boiler repairs do seasonally increase in winter, but there’s never a good time to be high and dry.

Google searches for ‘Boiler repair’ last 12 months. Source: Google Trends 2020.

Pure Planet’s partnership with Hometree

Pure Planet has partnered with Hometree to provide boiler, heating, and home care cover. This enables you to have year round peace of mind. We chose to work with them because we share similar values: they’re like-minded in wanting to offer a great service (4.7 stars on Trustpilot), their products are fairly priced, and Hometree aims to help you to take simple steps to cut home CO2. You can get a quote here.

It’s reassuring to know that 90% of all call-outs are completed within 24 hours. And service is 24/7.

Hometree promises never to unfairly hike your prices if you haven’t had a call out. Ever.

No matter the age or model, your boiler is protected. Can’t fix it? You’ll get 15% off a new one.

Can plumbers and repairers visit safely during COVID-19?

The view in the press from many providers as well as Hometree is that it is ok for boiler repairers to visit your home to check your boiler. The services provided by Hometree are deemed essential by the Government as they ensure the core infrastructure of homes are repaired and maintained.

Hometree has processes in place to protect both customers and engineers which includes requiring engineers to use PPE when visiting a home and asking customers not to be in the room where the repair is being carried out.

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