Four million Zero Heroes

Tuesday, 24 September 20194 minute read

Across the world people went on climate strike last Friday. We joined, we marched, and this is what we learned.

Four million protestors took to the streets of the world on Friday to demand the world take action. Over three hundred thousand people hit the streets across the UK for peaceful protests to take a stand for active change — and against what feels like endless promises involving the words ‘by 2050’.

The time to act on climate is now. It’s time to step up and be Zero Heroes. No more excuses. No more thinking it doesn’t matter. It’s time to do, not just talk. So says the United Nation’s boss to world leaders this week at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York.

Pure Planet is committed to the UN Global compact to make a difference on climate change. So teams from Pure Planet went out to join the crowds of the Bath and Bristol climate marchers. Grandparents, parents, and children stood side by side with scientists, academics, artists, politicians and businesses on a magnificent autumn day to say enough is enough.

Bath climate strike: Victoria Ward, Pure Planet.

We don’t want to live in an ecologically depleted world, we don’t want hundreds of species of animal to be lost forever, we don’t want a warmer climate or extreme weather patterns that’ll threaten the lives of millions of people across the world. There are things we can do something about now. We have the means, the technology, the knowledge. So why do we keep stalling, especially since climate change is getting worse?

Climate strikers Bristol: Alice Brazier, Pure Planet.

College Green in Bristol, where my 3 year old son and my colleague Laura joined the protest, was humming with the sound of brass bands, steel drums and megaphones. Ubers, buses and cars waited patiently as the roads were stopped for the thudding of human feet on tarmac, to take a route around the city centers main roads. More Pure Planet colleagues were in Bath where a similar number had gathered to protest.

Climate strike Bristol: Laura Shaw, Pure Planet.

We spoke to Zero Heroes who are taking things into their own hands — from switching to a renewable energy supplier, to making changes in the type of vehicle they drive or whether they do or don’t fly. We also learned about how to reduce plastic, reduce the use of chemicals going into the waterways and how to reduce our consumption of animal products.

Because of the size of our global population and our increasing consumption level, we’re using up the world resources faster and faster each year, our global overshoot day was 2 August this year — meaning we’ve used up our larder full of natural resources, and we’re now in debt, drawing on resources to live which the planet can’t afford to give. Our debt is carbon dioxide — tons and tons of it.

Greta Thunberg: Anders Hellberg, 2018 (creative commons)

There’s many aspects to the climate crisis and many different solutions. Now, inspired by a single Swedish school girl’s action to strike from classes last year, millions are calling on world leaders to change. Greta Thunberg talks to The Guardian in this video of what can be done to protect, restore and fund projects for the planet. People, businesses and society can all help with climate change. This informative video from the FT explains why the world needs to take action.

Who says one person’s actions doesn’t make a difference? Politicians are responding, they are being urged by the UN this week to come up with concrete plans not just warm words and fancy speeches.

Tell us what you’ve done and look for more information on what else you can do to help avoid climate change on this thread in our Community.