Hang up on your old suppliers

Wednesday, 4 December 20193 minute read
Energy Industry

There’s been a splash of news recently about several energy suppliers leaving their customers hanging on the line. For ages.

Some consumers have had to wait for over 30 minutes for an answer. And then they were put on hold for up to 41 minutes.

Not at Pure Planet.

We pride ourselves in great service for our Members. No hold music here.

Pure Planet is a digital service business. Our Members get smart 24/7/365 service with online chat through our AI-assisted chatbot WattBot. Ask WattBot a question, and you’ll get an instant reply. We want service to be easy, efficient and seamless to everyday life. WattBot is always available, you’re always served.

Now, admittedly, WattBot doesn’t always get everything absolutely right first time. But most of the time it does. And WattBot’s AI is constantly learning. So, you’re usually done in seconds and can get on with life.

But if WattBot can’t help you, because you need some very specific details about your account, for example, you can ask to message the team. One of our friendly digital service agents based in Bath will get back to you via chat.

And we also have round-the-clock support from a thriving, award-winning Community of fellow Members. Our Community is knowledgeable, helpful, and interested in all sorts of sustainable and renewable energy-related topics. If you have a question, someone will know the answer and get it to you fast.

So, why did we build Pure Planet with no in-bound phone number?

Overall, we are speaking less and less on the phone. Since 2013, our time talking has tumbled by 25%. Ofcom’s latest data shows on average people now spend 284 minutes a month on voice calls — which could mean a 30 minute wait and 41 minute hold is over 20% of your month’s phone time.

People spend 25% less time talking on the phone than 2013

Building a digitally focused service for use on the web (desktop, mobile) or app brings our service into line with modern expectations. Over 79% of adults in the UK own a smartphone in 2019, and spend an average of 2 hours and 34 minutes online each day.

Here’s what you get with award-winning Pure Planet:

Online or on app: energy accounts are easy to use and quick to manage

  • Manage your spending, energy use, and CO2 savings.
  • Meter readings at the touch of a button, and on the app a torch too.
  • Easy to change direct debits.

Chat service is quick and simple with WattBot

  • Over 60% of queries answered first-time in seconds.
  • WattBot takes questions all day and all night. WattBot is chatting even at 2am on Sunday.
  • WattBot has been trained to help troubleshoot common issues such as adding other people to accounts, or to deal with common questions about Smart Meters.

Our Community is engaging and supportive for all

  • Over 30,000 Members in our Community.
  • 80% of questions submitted to the community are answered by fellow members.
  • The community likes to discuss energy and sustainability too.

Our team in Bath is always here to help

  • Our digital service team is available seven days a week from early morning to early evening, except at weekends when our hours are lighter.

Pure Planet scores ‘Excellent’ with 4.4 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot with over 6,000 reviews. And on Glassdoor with have 100% 5 stars because our people like working here too.

We’re constantly improving our processes, technology and people to bring you easier, simpler better service. And no hold music.

Commercial Director