How Pure Planet is working for you during the Coronavirus pandemic

Monday, 16 March 20206 minute read
Pure Planet

We explain how we're working hard to make sure your home stays safe, lit and warm during these extraordinary and challenging times.

Home is precious. Now, more than ever. It’s our safe space, physically and emotionally.

At Pure Planet we’re already working hard to make sure your home stays safe, lit and warm during these extraordinary and challenging times.

We wanted to take a moment to explain how we’re doing this, to reassure you, and to remind you of where to get help should you need it.

Here’s how we work at Pure Planet.

Flexible and responsive

Pure Planet is a relatively new business; we launched in 2017. Pure Planet has been designed to be completely flexible and is built around the latest, all-digital technology and systems.

The means:

  • Every single one of our team can work from home, rather than at our office in Bath.
  • Every one of our systems can be used by our team, securely, wherever they are.
  • It means our Member Services Team can provide service from their homes to yours, providing uninterrupted help and support during our normal working hours, 9am-5.30pm.
  • It also means we can look after our own team too; staying at home reduces the risk of infection.

In fact, many of our team routinely work from home. And in a time of crisis, like we’re facing with Covid-19, being a digital business really helps. It means consistent, great service for our Members, flexibility for our team — who may need to stay home to help look after their families — and is also good for the other companies we work with to ensure the supply to your home of renewably-sourced electricity and carbon-offset gas.

We used this flexible approach during the Beast from the East, for example, when the severe snowy weather made travel for our staff difficult and unsafe. We’ve also tested our system’s resilience when we moved office in early 2019. All of our team worked from home for four days and we had no issues.

So, please be assured. Pure Planet is here for you.

You can find the latest advice on Covid-19 from the BBC here.

@BBCNews Coronavirus advice

Always on service

Additionally, our all-digital infrastructure means we are one of the few energy companies to use artificial intelligence to help support you with service. You can always chat to WattBot on your Pure Planet app or online account 24 hours a day if you have a question. Most queries are resolved by our virtual assistant, but if WattBot can’t provide an answer it will offer to hand over your conversation to the team and someone in our Member Services will get back to you.

Wattbot — Our 24hr digital service


We’ve also got lots of useful info all about managing your Pure Planet account in our FAQs section. This includes guides to smart meters, what to do if you’re moving home, and troubleshooting sending meter readings.

The generosity of the Pure Planet Community

Don’t forget our wonderful community, the most vibrant of any energy supplier. You can always chat to fellow Pure Planet Members online there. We have some amazingly kind and generous community members who will always jump on to help others out. We salute their kindness. It is this spirit of sharing we love about our Members.

@DHSCgovuk Twitter feed

What about smart meter appointments?

We’re monitoring government guidance. For now, meters are being serviced and fitted as normal for most people, though we are increasing our check for vulnerabilities when making a meter appointment. We may defer appointments for people who are in the most vulnerable pensionable age bracket. Our engineers, who will identify themselves as from “Magnum on behalf of Pure Planet,” won’t ask to shake your hand, will be mindful of keeping social-distance, and won’t ask you to sign anything.

We’ll update you if this needs to change.

Emergency repairs are being treated in the normal way and are unhindered.

What if you have an emergency, such as a gas leak?

Normal practice applies. If you smell gas or suspect a leak, call the National Gas Emergency Line immediately on 0800 111 999.

If you have no gas supply, and believe your meter to be safe, tap ‘Contact Us’ in the Emergency section of your app or online account.

In a power cut — if your home has no electricity supply — call 105. Do check with neighbours to see if they have power first though. If they do, it may mean one of your fuses has tripped.

More details on emergencies can be found here.

Support for vulnerable customers

If you or a member of your family at home have some form of vulnerability, please let us know. You can do this by joining the Priority Service Register. Tap ‘Account’ in your app or online menu and then ‘Priority Service Register.’ This is an industry-wide initiative and is not unique to Pure Planet. It means we can more easily look out for you. In the event of a power cut, say, someone who uses specialist medical equipment at home and who has registered will get priority service.

So, if you have vulnerable relatives who live elsewhere, such as elderly parents, do check that they have registered with their supplier’s Priority Service Register — whoever their supplier is.

You can register for priority service with your water company too.

Financial vulnerability

If you need support, and get into money difficulties during this time, let us know. We will do what we can to help. Log onto your account, tap ‘Get help and support’, and ask WattBot for “help with payments” and you’ll be guided from there. Or email

We have partnerships with two financial charities StepChange and Money Advice Trust. Both will be able to advise you independently on the best financial way forward for you.

Citizens Advice is also available to everyone and offers free guidance on financial issues.

Let’s be kind and look out for each other during this challenging time. Thanks for being part of Pure Planet.