How to earn money simply by being helpful

Tuesday, 18 December 20184 minute read
Pure Planet

How to earn money simply by being helpful with our Pure Planet Community Rewards

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A frenzy of festive shopping, online ordering and Christmas market madness fills the streets of Bath outside Pure Planet HQ at this time of year, full of people who are looking for gifts for those they value most. We’re doing the same, in a slightly different way, to give back to our Community Members.

Each month we say thanks to those who contribute to our Community. Our Members get involved by asking and answering questions, participating in discussions on all things related to Pure Planet and renewable energy, and just generally keeping the community safe and fun. And for that we say a big thanks.

We’re doing this with the Pure Planet Community Rewards programme. We love how the Community has grown into a helpful, knowledgeable, and green corner of the internet — and it wouldn’t have been possible without you, our Members. But it’s more than just a knowledge base, it’s fun and supportive.

We want to recognise the hard work, time and expertise that over 15,000 Members pour into our Community. And we want to reward Members who help others the most.


We like to keep things simple, so 1 point is worth 1 pence. This means 100 points = £1, and 200 points = £2, and so on.

Each month our Members could be awarded either 100, 200, 500, 1000 or 1500 Pure Planet Community Points worth £1, £2, £5, £10 or £15 respectively.

Our highest earning Community Members consistently reached £15 each month, over six months, earning £90 overall.

It’s a fantastic achievement and we think it’s important to recognise the amazing contribution of time and expertise that has gone into making the Community more helpful, interesting and informative.

We’ve handed out rewards to more than 400 Pure Planet Members as part of our six month beta rewards programme. These have been for amounts ranging from £1 all the way up to £90. These rewards have been sent out in the form of Amazon voucher codes.

Points will be redeemable every six months, so we’ll next be sending out rewards at the end of June 2019. Check our monthly Community highlights thread to see if you’ve earned any points.

Thanks to feedback from some of our Members, we’re also hoping to make it possible to donate rewards to charity. Some more FAQs about the scheme can be found here.

Here’s what some of our Members have said about Pure Planet’s Community Rewards:

“Another great step by an innovative company”

“Super fab incentive. Really love it”

“Charity or support for sustainable projects would be a lovely idea”

“I think the points system sounds brill here’s hoping you will carry it on after December so I have a chance to build up”

“I’m looking forward to joining in with chats and hope to do more for the environment thanks all”

“Just seen this, what a brilliant concept, thank you”

Our Community

New to the Pure Planet Community? There’s lots going on, with everything from owning a Renault Zoe, the best cure for a cold, an impressive major milestone for renewables and the news that a Pure Planet t-shirt made it all the way to Las Vegas. Read the full November highlights thread here.

You can also follow the progress on the Pure Planet reverse advent calendar, where we’re collecting items for Julian House, a charity for the homeless. We’ve even had a kind Member @Jon1 donate some money for us to purchase some food on his behalf.

From all of us here at Pure Planet, thank you! For all your kind words, wise thoughts, helpful tips and great answers in the Pure Planet Community.