“Let’s turn our cities into clean, safe, sustainable, world-class cycle hubs”

Wednesday, 8 July 20202 minute read

So says Will Butler-Adams, boss of Brompton Bicycle, maker of the iconic British, folding bikes. You can hear him in full, effervescent and energetic flow in the interview he gave to Pure Planet recently.

“Coronavirus has given us a taste of what cities could be like,” he says. “We’ve been born in a zoo, we’ve been born in a cage, we’ve been born in this fug and expected that to be normal.

“Now we’ve been let out and we’ve seen what these cities could be like and we’re saying ‘hold on, that is so much better’.

“The air quality is better, the streets are calmer, we can cycle with our children, we don’t feel afraid, why can’t we have that?

“Surely cities are for people that live in them not for the minority that are in these square boxes called cars.”

Following our recent blog on the boom in e-bikes, we were delighted to chat with Will at Brompton on the vision to get more of us cycling more often. At Pure Planet, we want to help build a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable society and it’s good to hear how getting on our bikes for transport can help achieve that.

We talk bikes, sustainable cities, clean air, how cycling can ease the burden on the NHS, and the need to grasp the post-pandemic potential to build back better.

Watch or listen to the full interview here.

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