Lights, Camera, (Climate) Action!

Wednesday, 17 April 20194 minute read

Take two: our favourite film stars

This week is an important one for us at Pure Planet. Climate action is hotting up — and we love it.

There are nationwide protests demanding that the climate crisis is taken more seriously by governments, including those organised by Extinction Rebellion and School Strikes for Climate, inspired by Greta Thunberg’s Fridays For Future campaign. And the BBC is airing ‘Climate Change — The Facts’ this Thursday.

We wanted to get involved, and decided that now was a great chance to share some of our favourite climate activists in the media. We’re calling it Pure Planet’s Media Climate Action Week — which is really a public airing of some of the famous people that we debate, talk about and who inspire us here in the office. Our focus for this blog: some of the greenest Hollywood stars.

Don’t get us wrong. There are reams of activists in the world of film who are doing some great stuff to help fight global warming. But we don’t have all day. So here are four that we think have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Leonardo Di Caprio

If you look at any list of climate action actors, you’ll see Leo’s name. And he’ll usually be top.

He founded the Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation 21 years ago, and since then has funded over 200 projects in 50 countries. Di Caprio believes that addressing the climate crisis “is not a question of politics, it is a question of our own survival”.

This foundation has recently funded the One Earth Climate Model which gives detailed and accurate images and information regarding how the world will look if we successfully work towards the goals set at the Paris Climate Agreement.

Di Caprio frequently takes to social media to share his thoughts and opinions on the climate situation. He leverages his 19 million followers on Twitter and 30 million on Instagram to spread the word.

Emma Thompson

This Love Actually star is as big a voice as any when it comes to raising awareness for climate change.

Thompson has been an active member of Greenpeace for decades, and has been involved with several global campaigns which aim to combat climate change. Most recently, she narrated the viral video: Rang-tan — the story of dirty palm oil.

She also shared an open letter which describes how we can all do our part to join the fight against climate change. Her suggestions include everything from challenging climate deniers to ditching plastic bags.

Thompson is also keen to participate in climate action marches and demonstrations. Hear what she has to say during this climate march in November 2015 here.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, our second rom-com legend is, like Thompson, adamant on using the influence she acquired through acting to do some good for the environment.

Perhaps her most notable and striking achievement is the part she played in the Nature Is Speaking campaign by Conservation International.

The campaign involved a collection of short videos narrated by 12 household Hollywood names. Roberts played the part of Mother Nature.

She has also had experience as a Spokesperson and Advisory Board Member for a renewable fuel provider — she recognises the importance of sustainability in the context of climate change.

Mark Ruffalo

The man behind The Incredible Hulk is just as green off the screen as he is on it.

Ruffalo is the second star on our list to have written a piece advising us on how we can tackle climate change. While the letter is firm and somewhat sobering, the general tone is optimistic.

He is hopeful, because he thinks “the tide is turning, and many — particularly young people — understand the existential threat we face and are prepared to do something about it.” Do you agree?

Ruffalo is also co-founder of The Solutions Project — a cause dedicated to campaigning for 100% renewable energy across the globe.

One of the many interesting facets to the site is their interactive map which demonstrates what 100% renewable energy would look like in your country, wherever you’re reading from.

What do you think?

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