#NoExcuses: 7 Easy ways to be more green at home

Friday, 14 May 20214 minute read
Pure Planet

It’s time to get serious about sustainability at home. Here’s some quick and simple swaps to cut your carbon footprint, and save money too. No excuses!

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Last month, we launched #NoExcuses, to get people of all ages working together to reduce their carbon footprint.

The idea stemmed from our latest annual People and Power report, which revealed that while 75% of people are trying to reduce their environmental impact, 65% still think it costs more to live sustainably.

We all know that we’re responsible for preventing climate change, but it can feel overwhelming — where do you start?

#NoExcuses is about encouraging families to work together to make more sustainable choices, without the ifs and buts.

So, to help you get started, we’ve put together some quick and simple swaps we all can make to live more sustainably at home, and save some money too.

Swap fast fashion for quality buys

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The fashion industry produced a whopping 2.1 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2018. That’s 4% of global carbon emissions.

Buy second-hand, swap with friends and use apps like Depop to cut your CO2 emissions, and pick up a bargain.

Swap a hot wash for a cold one

Washing clothes at 30 degrees instead of 40 uses 38% less energy, reducing emissions and saving cash.

Swap impulse buying for meal planning

We’ve all been there. Headed to the supermarket without a shopping list and ended up buying far more than we meant to. In fact, UK households waste 4.5 million tonnes of food a year that could have been eaten. According to the government’s waste advisory body WRAP this amounts to £700 for an average family with children. And that’s not to mention that food waste accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions too.

Avoid waste by planning out your meals in advance, and using what you’ve got in the fridge already before making your umpteenth trip to the shops this week.

Swap a diesel or petrol car for electric

While perhaps not as quick and simple as our other suggestions, swapping to an electric car can reduce your carbon consumption by 1.95 tonnes per year. An EV costs £343 per year to run on average, compared to a petrol car which will set you back around £824.

Why not try an EV subscription with Elmo? There’s no deposit to pay and contract lengths are flexible.

Swap tumble drying for air-drying

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Did you know that using a tumble dryer twice a day can add around £228 to your energy bill each year? But if you swapped tumble drying for air drying you could slash your household’s carbon footprint by 90kg a year — and save more than a grand over 5 years.

Swap standby for switched off

A lot of the appliances we use in our homes, like coffee machines and microwaves, use energy even when left on standby.

If we all switched them off at the plug, or invested in Smart plugs, we could reduce the release of 1.3 million tonnes of carbon across the UK.

Switch to Smarter, greener energy

Powering your home with 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas needn’t be more expensive than power that pollutes. You can switch to Pure Planet in as little as 60 seconds online.

Get a quote today.

Feeling inspired? The Cheltenham-based Febery family made simple swaps like the ones suggested here and saved around £8,000, along with a whole lot of carbon. Find out how daughter Georgie led the change here.

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