Pure Planet Futures: How our Community helped shape the app

Friday, 25 June 20215 minute read
Pure Planet

In this blog, Will, our Head of New Products and Services, explains how our Community Members have helped develop and improve our new app.

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Pure Planet Futures is about trialing new technology that could one day become a part of what we offer our Members. But it’s also about getting feedback on what we’re doing already, and that includes in our app.

This week marks an important milestone for Pure Planet, as we launch a new app, with new features in partnership with bp, that helps Members understand more about their energy consumption, at home and on the go. It’s the culmination of weeks, months and even years of work and collaboration, not just by the Pure Planet and bp teams, but also by Members of our Community who’ve helped shape the app’s key features.

How has the Community helped shape the new app?

The Community has played a big role in testing different elements of the app, to ensure it’s as easy to use and understand as possible. One thing we tested with the Community was the new structure and layout of the app — it was vital to get this right for the thousands of Members using the app each day.

We ran hour long feedback calls with Community Members, asking them to find their way around different designs and answer questions on how they found the experience and how it might be improved.

This feedback was invaluable — not only did it help us pin down the app’s new structure, but we’re also now developing the app’s features further and building new ones. We’re exploring how and where we show your energy usage, introducing the ability to see car charging and working on a new Impact section that will show Members how their appliances have a direct impact on their carbon footprint. That’s all thanks to feedback from our Community.

So next time you’re using the app, spare a thought for our Pure Planet Futures and Community Members who gave up their time to test and feedback on our designs.

What’s coming up next for Pure Planet Futures?

A lot! Although the new app has now been released, Pure Planet Futures is continuing to get feedback from our Members for future releases. Most recently, we’ve been testing new designs for a feature that measures the carbon you’re saving as a Pure Planet Member.

And in the coming months, we’ll be testing some technology that could in the future allow Members to store solar energy that they create themselves.

What’s it like to take part in a Pure Planet Futures trial?

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Community Members Angela, 25 quid, Strutt G and Scubaseahorse all gave up their time to offer their feedback on the new app. Here’s what they had to say.

What sort of testing were you involved in?

Scubaseahorse: It was card sorting and you had to narrate as to what you were doing.

(I) love helping out.

25 quid: There was a 'how to achieve a goal' game. Tried it on different mock-ups and commented on my thoughts to top-off the observations of the overlookers. I think maybe there was a free-form whatcha think section, or maybe I just jumped right in and proffered an unsolicited opinion.

How have you found helping with testing the new app?

Angela: I really enjoyed the app testing, seeing things before they go live and I hope contributing to the finished product. I think it's important to have a customer's point of view, after all… it's us that's going to be using it!

Strutt G: On the occasions I have been involved in testing the app I have found it straight forward.

I did enjoy discussing and commenting on the new EV features. It’s great having the opportunity to see what goes on in the background and if I can add a tad of value, or think I have then that’s all good!

Helping is more the word from my end. The opportunity to be involved — that’s really cool.

What would you say to other Members thinking about taking part?

Strutt G: I would definitely encourage others to have a go, to take part, add value, little or large it’s beneficial adding to the PP experience.

How to get involved in Pure Planet Futures

If you’re interested in taking part in one of our upcoming trials, simply sign up to our Community and head to the Pure Planet Futures section — that’s where we share details of the trials we have coming up and updates on things already happening.

A big thank you to our Pure Planet Futures trialists for all your help on the app.

And thank you for being part of Pure Planet.

Head of New Products and Services