So, you want to work for Pure Planet?

Tuesday, 30 March 20215 minute read
Pure Planet

Here are the five qualities you’ll need to thrive at Pure Planet

So, you want to work for Pure Planet?

That’s great! Thanks for considering Pure Planet as a place to develop your career. We really appreciate that you want to work here and are keen to share your talents with us.

So, what do we look for in the people who work at Pure Planet?

It depends on the role, of course. But whichever role you’re thinking of applying for, we’d like you to be able to show us appropriate skills, relevant knowledge, and your potential flair for the job. We expect everyone to be digitally-savvy too.

And regardless of the role you’re going for, we’ll be looking to gauge your aptitude. You don’t have to be ridiculously accomplished. We much prefer to see people grow into their roles, to develop and to keep learning. There’s no fun in know-it-alls! But we do want to see the talents you may have for a potential role shine out.

We sometimes recruit for a number of highly-specialised roles too and, if that’s your thing, we’ll be very keen to understand your track record throughout your career so far.

Basically, we’re looking for a spark — whether it’s in your application, CV, and at interview — something, which allows you to show us the competencies you’ll bring to Pure Planet and how you’ll be able to make a positive difference to our company.

Beyond skills, what other qualities do we look for?

Your character and personal qualities are just as relevant to us as any formal capability. In fact, the so-called soft skills you’ll need to be successful here are probably more important, as they tell us much more about who you are; and how you are as a potential colleague.

We call them the Five C’s:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Compassion

Let’s take each in turn.


Obviously, this is really important. You need to be able to share your ideas, thoughts, issues, and problems. It doesn’t really matter what method you use to do this, but being able to express yourself clearly, fluently and effectively is crucial.

It's how the rest of us learn from you.

And you must be able to listen. It’s how you learn from the rest of us.

Image: by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash


We thrive by collaborating with others. By striving to work really well together, we stand the best chance to succeed. Collaboration builds on communicating clearly — and takes it up a level.

At Pure Planet, we really value collaborations; one of our values is sharing and we love it when a plan comes together!

Collaboration is about swapping perspectives, our diversities of thinking, and using the multiplier effect of working together to analyse an issue, to find a solution, to make a change. We enjoy working together; we hope you will too.

Image: by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Critical thinking

Can you see beyond what’s in front of you? Can you imagine different possibilities? Can you see the bigger picture as well as the devils in detail? You might be a great problem-solver, but that’s not all there is to critical thinking. There’s nearly always more than one way to do something; we want people who can think of them — people who can find the best way, not just any way.

Critical thinking is also about self and team reflections, appraising our own work, learning from our own mistakes — and celebrating when we got something right — to move on to even better.

Image: by Warren Wong on Unsplash


We want people who are creative. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative; all roles at Pure Planet need people who are comfortable with creativity. We need our team to enjoy innovating; to be restless for improvements; to find novel solutions to problems — for our Members, as well as ourselves — to keep us moving forward. At its simplest, creativity is about being open-minded to new ideas and being willing to give change a go.

Image: by ev on Unsplash


We’re living through the Anthropocene. What we do, the choices we make, the decisions we take in living our lives — everything — has an impact on others, as well as the planet, now and long into the future. At Pure Planet, we choose to advance renewables, a clean, climate-friendly form of energy.

We want to help our Members, and wider society, to get to net zero.

We are a group of individuals who believe in trying to make a positive difference for people and the planet.

Compassion is more than being kind — it’s about caring for others even though you’ll never meet them. They could be a Member, they could be an individual living on the other side of the world, it could be a family sometime in the future.

We want people who are passionate about building a better future, by building a greener, cleaner world today.

Image: by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

Good luck — whatever role you're applying for. We look forward to hearing from you. And, maybe, one day sometime soon, we’ll have the privilege of working alongside you.