Sustainable Business of the Year

Monday, 4 February 20193 minute read

We’re finalists at the Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards

It’s a humble and proud week for Pure Planet. We’re up for one of the very best sustainability awards going; we’re a finalists for Mission Possible: Sustainable Business of the Year at this year’s Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards. Winners are announced this Wednesday 6 February in London.

This isn’t just another industry award. Really. It’s big deal for us just to make the shortlist of this, one of the world’s top sustainability awards. And if we win…. well, you might not hear the end of it!

When we imagined what Pure Planet might be, way before we got funding and our brilliant team together to help us launch in the summer of 2017, our founders (of whom I’m one of three) committed that if we ever managed to turn our vision into commercial reality, we would endeavour to be a beacon for sustainability. We weren’t interested in launching just another boring energy company.

Pure Planet team photo in the office Part of our Pure Planet team

At its heart, Pure Planet had to have a purpose: to see Britain powered entirely by fresh, green renewables within our lifetimes. Our ambition was to run a business which was as much about people and the planet, as well as making a profit.

Which meant something blindingly simple: our renewable tariff had to be cheaper than polluting, fossil fuel, bad-for-our-climate alternatives (this was at a time, not that long ago, when green tariffs were always more expensive). We wanted to make choosing renewables not simply a high-brow, highly-salaried choice as it had become for those who could afford it, but a practical — and importantly, affordable — choice for everyone.

Joining Pure Planet is now a double no-brainer: better for you and better for our planet.

This year’s Edie shortlist is made up of 131 people, projects, products and organisations — all working toward sustainable, ethical and responsible business. We are genuinely thrilled and humbled to be one of them.

Being a sustainable business is, of course, much more than offering renewable energy to householders, or campaigning for a clean-powered Britain. As an employer, we’ve pioneered equality with equal parental leave and rights for men and women — the only energy company to have done so. Our team are offered green perks and benefits, including a default ethically-invested pension. We’re a Living Wage and Disability Confident employer and we’re also a signatory to the UN’s Global Compact, supporting the Global Goals.

We’re looking forward to hearing what the other finalists in our category have been up to this year, including Heathrow Airport and Procter & Gamble family care (P&G). You can see the full list of contenders in our category: Mission Possible, Sustainable Business of the Year here.

Pure Planet co-founders sitting at a desk Pure Planet co-founders: Chris Alliott, Andrew Ralston, Steven Day

Keep your fingers crossed for us, and check out our Twitter and Facebook feeds for updates.

This is our first award nomination for 2019. We’re just getting started.

Whether we win or not, what really matters is this: our thanks to you for being part of Pure Planet and helping Britain towards a cleaner, healthier, more renewable future.