The Bath & Bristol Festival Of Nature

Wednesday, 19 June 20195 minute read

The Bath & Bristol Festival Of Nature… In Pictures

The past few weeks have seen lots of the Pure Planet team out and about at various events.

We’ve had chats about EVs at Fully Charged LIVE in Silverstone, renewables at JP Morgan in Bournemouth and, a bit closer to home, all things nature-y in Bath and Bristol at this summer’s Festival of Nature.

All the people we spoke to had one overarching thing in common — their love for sustainability.

We spent the first two weekends of June — first in Bath then in Bristol — at the Festival of Nature. It was our first year at the two-city event, where we sponsored the Talks Tent in Bristol.

Our Member Services Agent and part-time stand up comedian Dom commanded the stage, and welcomed 24 speakers to address an audience of 100 over the Bristol weekend.. He even got a few laughs.

At least somebody in the talks tent was laughing at Dom’s jokes — himself.

Dom did a stellar job being the face of Pure Planet in the tent, and an even better one modelling our new fleece and tee shirt designs. Two tough tasks for anyone to pull off, and we’re so grateful that Dom was so willing and happy to help. The same can be said about all our volunteers over the weekend.

Feast your eyes on some of the lovely snaps the Pure Planet team took at the two events.

The teams

Laura, Timi and Sam, armed with stickers and colouring sheets for the kids.

We had fantastic weather for the first weekend in Bath. It meant lots of families and kids, so we came prepared with plenty of Pure Planet stickers and colouring sheets.

Team Bristol for Saturday — Hayley, Laura and Rich ready for an intense day of chatting and colouring.

You might have noticed our smart new soft-shell jackets. They definitely came in handy for Bristol, where we weren’t as lucky as we were in Bath with the weather.

Our Zero Heroes for Sunday — Laura, Oli and Vic taking one of the first Pure Planet selfies in history.

We didn’t stop at just fleeces — we got some brand new t-shirt designs too. We really went all out on the Pure Planet wardrobe this year!

An action shot of our most adorable Pure Planeteer

We saved our most important exhibitor for last. We were lucky enough to have Eric to come along to some of the festival in Bristol. We all had Hayley to thank for bringing him along. We figured that if Eric couldn’t convince people to check out Pure Planet; no one could.

The colouring

A closer look at what was going on at the colouring table.

Every colouring sheet looks better with a dinosaur sticker.

We’re not sure what made our stand so popular to families and children. We’d love to think that it’s down to the charm and welcoming nature of our exhibitors, but in reality it’s probably just because we were giving away stickers with little stegosauruses on them.

The Talks Tent

The inside of the Talks Tent, featuring the giant Pure Planet banner, and six relieved volunteers after finally putting it up.

As you can see from the size of our banner, we were very proud to be sponsors of the Talks Tent, so thought we’d share it as much as we could. Those chairs would later be covered in recyclable Pure Planet flyers for the audience to muse over between talks.

Want to know what sort of stuff people were chatting about? Here’s a list of all the fantastic talks that went on over Saturday and Sunday.

A big thank you

Looking back on what a great time we had over the two weekends, it feels wrong to wrap up without a few thank yous.

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone involved with organising the two events and making them run as smoothly as they did.

If it wasn’t for the hard work from all the volunteers and the British National History Consortium team, then we wouldn’t have had those fantastic events that brought smiles to thousands of people.

We’d also like to thank all the families and individuals that made the effort to come and see us at both festivals, even if the weather wasn’t up to par for some parts!

And lastly, we’d like to offer another thanks to all of the PP team that came and helped out over the weekends. We’re so proud to have such a wonderful team at Pure Planet, with so many people willing to give up their weekends to help out.

See you all next year!