The energy world is changing: Here’s how we help you navigate it

Friday, 23 July 20213 minute read
Electric Vehicles
Pure Planet

Pure Planet Member and Head of Brand and UX Georgie talks about the future of energy and why our new app’s a match made in heaven for drivers.

Two Pure Planet team members, Georgie and Niall, in discussion at their desks in the office

Georgie Allison is Pure Planet’s Head of Brand and UX, looking after our User Experience (UX), content, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and brand teams. It’s their job to make sure our Members have great, consistent digital experiences with us and understand our mission.

A big part of Georgie’s role over the last six months has been the total overhaul and redesign of the Pure Planet app, which launched last month in partnership with bp. With that in mind, we thought it was about time we asked Georgie a little more about the app, and how it’s helping Members navigate a new world of energy.

What’s the new app all about?

We want to empower everyone with the tools to help them get to net zero. Energy in the future isn’t just going to be about paying a bill every month — we’ll be generating, storing and sharing energy as consumers. There’ll be a lot more decisions to make, and a lot more opportunities to reduce your carbon impact and reduce your reliance on the National Grid.

We’re here to help you — our digital tools will help you navigate this new world, automating stuff and giving you plenty of insights into your energy, and your carbon impact.

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You’ve introduced tools for drivers for the first time — why’s that?

Electric vehicles can be really confusing. Everything’s changing quite quickly — and when you’ve got to think about charging at home, charging on the go, range-anxiety and battery sizes, as well as choosing a new car to suit you and your family, where do you start?

We’ve got loads of great information, hints and tips as well as personalised recommendations to get you on the road to zero.

And if you’ve already got an EV, you can connect your car to the app to see your battery charge status, and your charging costs and kWhs too.

What makes Pure Planet special?

Pure Planet’s culture and our people are so special — everyone is trusted, treated as an adult and given autonomy to do our jobs. We’re all working to a common goal and we all celebrate success together!

Sustainability, for us, is not just about the environment and the natural world. It permeates everything we do. We work sustainably, with great work-life balances and amazing benefits. We’ll never be perfect but we’re always trying to improve. And we grow sustainably, always making sure we provide a great experience for our Members and our team.

Ready to try the app out for yourself? Switch to our 100% Green energy today.

The Pure Planet app is exclusively available to our Members. Get a quote now and we’ll have you on supply, and using our app, in as little as 17 days.

Head of Brand and UX