Tried and tested: Our favourite sustainable swaps

Tuesday, 11 May 20215 minute read
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We know we should be living more sustainably, but where do we start? The Pure Planet team have shared their favourite sustainable swaps to make living green easier.

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We all know that we should be living more sustainably, but where do we start? If you’re a Pure Planet Member, you’re already using 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas to power your home, but it’s worth thinking about the other eco-friendly swaps you can make that’ll help you on your journey to net zero.

Everyone at Pure Planet is passionate about sustainability. So it won’t come as much of a surprise that when we asked the team for their favourite eco-friendly products we were inundated. From coffee that protects the rainforest to loo rolls that build toilets, these simple swaps prove that saving the planet needn’t be a hassle.

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Clean up your act

Traditional cleaning products tend to contain strong chemicals, which can be harmful to you as well as the environment. And that’s not to mention the single-use plastic that the sprays, detergents and tablets we buy come in.

But there are alternatives. Victoria recommends smol, a UK-based startup selling high performance, eco-friendly laundry detergent, dishwasher tablets and sprays. Plastic-free and fully recyclable, smol delivers straight to your door too.

Other cleaning brands we love include Splosh for sprays, washing up liquid and soap, Eco Egg for a skin-friendly alternative to laundry detergent and Ocean Saver sprays, which you can pick up in Tesco as well as online.

And don’t forget, sometimes the old techniques are the best. Heather cleans her home with vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda – good for the planet, and the wallet.

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Eat local

When it comes to making sustainable swaps in the kitchen, a good place to start is shopping locally. Elaine, Sean and Dan find that the food’s often more tasty and there’s a lot less plastic used.

For convenience, try Milk & More, which champions smaller suppliers in your area. Toni gets milk and juice delivered in glass bottles, which are taken away to reuse.

And Lucie and Victoria recommend checking out Too Good to Go, an app that helps you fight food waste by putting you in touch with local shops that have surplus food that’s still perfectly good.

Some things can’t be sourced locally, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be green too. Helen gets her caffeine fix from Easy José, a traceable, transparent and ethical coffee roaster that’s dedicated to supporting remote Indigenous communities and rainforest protection.

Practice sustainable self care

Self care is hard. We know we should be doing more of it, but can sometimes feel guilty taking time out when the laundry’s piling up and the dog needs a walk. But self care should be guilt-free, and that extends to the products you’re using too.

Olivia suggests swapping out bottled shampoo and conditioners for bars from My Little Eco Shop, based down in Devon. You’ll also find plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bars at Non Plastic Beach and Lush. Unsurprisingly, Lush came up a lot as a great option for cruelty-free bath, shower and body products. So grab the bath bombs and make some time for yourself, totally guilt-free.

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Take care of your skin and the planet

Did you know that some of the best known beauty brands still test their products on animals? Or that some use synthetic ingredients that cause skin sensitivities like acne? Thankfully, there are alternatives, which are better for you and the planet too.

For skincare, Hayley recommends Skin & Tonic, an organic and cruelty-free brand that’s focused on wellbeing as well as glowing skin.

And for makeup, look no further than Glow Organic and Vyana Beauty, as recommended by Toni – both sell natural, cruelty-free and low waste beauty.

Kick up a stink

Natural deodorants are better for all. They don’t contain ingredients that are harmful to you, wildlife or the environment. And, our favourite comes in reusable packaging too.

Helen and Jenny suggest Wild, an aluminium free natural deodorant that comes with compostable, plastic free refills. And it looks great on your dressing table too – what more could you want?

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Don’t hit a bum note

We couldn’t make a list of sustainable swaps without talking about toilet roll. Serious Tissues is the UK’s only carbon neutral toilet paper, supporting tree planting projects around the world – they’ve planted more than 100,000 so far.

Other options we like are Bumboo and Who Gives A Crap – both make their rolls out of bamboo and deliver them in the coolest packaging, you definitely won’t want to hide these away.

Small changes can make a big difference. What sustainable swaps have you made in your home? You'll find loads more recommendations from our Members in the Community here.

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