We’re cutting the cost of our Membership fees

Tuesday, 5 February 20193 minute read
Pure Planet

Our monthly Membership fees are being cut.

We flip, when everyone else flops. We go down, when everyone else seems to be about to put prices up, up, up. Yes, some welcome news: our monthly Membership fees are being cut. All Pure Planet Members benefit from today, 5 February 2019.

Membership fees are now £8.00 per month per fuel (including VAT) — down from £8.50 — saving a dual fuel Member £12 a year. A single fuel Member will save £6 a year.

Our monthly Membership fee is the equivalent of a standing charge. But ‘standing charge’ is so industry-jargon, and you’re not — you’re a Member of Pure Planet. Which is why we use the term ‘Membership fee’. It’s about you, about people, about belonging to a club, about being part of something which offers a zero-markup energy costs for the renewable electricity and carbon-offset gas.

So, what does Pure Planet’s Membership fee cover?

In this simple, monthly fee we cover all this:

  • Meter maintenance
  • Our operating costs
  • Our people costs
  • Our profit margin
  • VAT

Remember, we don’t put a mark up on the cost of the fuels. So you’ll never pay more for your electricity and gas kWhs (kilowatt hours) than we buy them for on your behalf.

Gap to the cap?

At £986 for a typical householder’s yearly total costs, our Membership fee cut means we’re now £151 cheaper than Ofgem’s price cap, proving that if you shop around you can get a great deal. Ofgem’s price cap, currently set at £1,137, is due to increase in April too — potentially by around £100 (watch for Ofgem’s announcement on Thursday 7 February, if not before). So, Pure Planet Members will be even more better off than if they were relying on the cap to keep their costs under control.

Why we’re lowering our prices

As an app-based energy supplier, we’re continually improving our digital business model. We’ve made things more efficient behind the scenes, thanks to operational efficiencies, growing scale and, well, common-sense business practice. So, we’re passing the savings on.

Things like upgrading WattBot, our 24/7 digital assistant, a few months ago have really helped. WattBot is now able to answer hundreds of queries, and give better answers to our Members — and given we are growing rapidly, that use of clever AI helps keep our and your costs down. To talk to WattBot tap ‘Help’ in your Pure Planet app.

We also completely refreshed our website and app. It’s now even easier to get a quote, join, send meter readings and refer friends. The improved site and app have meant greater efficiencies because Members — and potential Members — are finding what they want faster.

Now even better value, we’re pleased to say that Pure Planet has always been among the cheapest providers. And our price has been designed to cost less than power that pollutes. We supply 100% renewable electricity to all our Members which is also better for our planet. And we were the first sustainable energy supplier to provide 100% carbon offset gas too.

We’d like to say a big thank you for being part of Pure Planet.

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