Why all the noise about cars you rarely hear or see yet?

Friday, 12 April 20193 minute read
Electric Vehicles

Three brilliant benefits of electric vehicles

At Pure Planet, we have been looking into why EVs are better than traditional internal combustion engine cars (ICE). Yes, they are better. Here are three big reasons why.

They’re cleaner

Imagine never having to wind your window up in traffic for the chugging noise or gagging choke of engines and exhausts of cars, lorries and buses. 4.2 million people a year die from air pollution — it’s time to put an end to that.

Electric vehicles change the air you breathe — there’s no combustion engine or exhaust.

They’re cheaper to run

Watching the dial while standing at the petrol pump, with a sniff of the fuel cap, seeing a cost of £67 for a full tank can leave you feeling faint. In the future 80% of charging will be done at home. Fossil fuels are expensive.

Using electricity can reduce the fuel cost for a ‘tank’ to under a tenner — or 3 pence a mile.

Find out about our Community manager Marc’s EV experience here.

They’re smarter

In January this year 6.8% of new car registrations were EVs and hybrids.

It’s not yet huge, I grant you, but it’s growing rapidly. It’s more than doubled from January last year. And thanks to London’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone starting this month (other cities are planning to follow), EVs are getting a boost. It’s one of the most eco-friendly domino effects you’ll ever hear about.

Regular internal combustion engine cars, until recently used by almost everyone, are now on the way out, overtaken by clean tech. They said the same for the horse and carriage in 1900. And they were gone within a decade.

Can you imagine that leap again? In 100 years, might our descendants look back on ICE cars just as we do now with the horse and carriage?

EVs have fewer parts, greater automation, and the potential to reduce costs even further through sharing. Electric vehicles come equipped with regenerative braking, an innovative way to harness kinetic energy when slowing down.

What can you do?

Take a look and read at great blogs and shows like our friends at Fully Charged. See some EV reviews from AutoExpress.

Have a read of our blog by our EV driving colleague Marc, and join the conversation in our Community.

Remember that you are a core part of the car. And remember, don’t be fooled by so-called “EV tariffs” which only give you discounts at night. Believe us, you’ll want to charge your car during the day too. Just like you don’t do all your washing, ironing, and cooking between 2 and 4 am.

Pure Planet’s single all day tariff provides great value all the time. Want to find out more? Get a quote. It only takes a minute.