Why I’m (still) going vegan as part of our campaign to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Thursday, 10 January 20192 minute read

This January we at Pure Planet have chosen to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Zero Hunger’.

The SDGs — aka “the world’s most important to-do list” — are the 17 things that the UN has agreed are the most pressing things we need to do by 2050.

We’re one of 12,000 businesses that have signed the UN Global Compact (and the only British small energy supplier to do so).

Starting last month and for the next 17 months, we’ve decided to look a different goal each month.

Zero Hunger aims to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030, making sure all people — especially children — have access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round.

Some of the topics we at Pure Planet will be talking about in January include choosing veganism or vegetarianism for a month, how to reuse food and not waste it, and why the world is experiencing a rise in hunger for the third year running.

I’ve been (mostly) vegan for almost two years. It happened by accident — one day I realised that I hadn’t eaten any meat, fish or dairy for several weeks, and I didn’t miss it.

A recent poll in the Pure Planet Community — are you a vegan or vegetarian or have you considered it? — found that nearly half of Members who voted (47.62%) said they were neither, and it was staying that way.

Latest research has revealed that without dairy and meat consumption, global farmland would be reduced by 75% and still feed the world.

Our appetite for eating meat and dairy accounts for just 18% of calories consumed globally, but produces 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gases, and uses 83% of the farmland.

Food for thought? Follow our progress in the Community and tell us what you think.

Head of Knowledge and Community