World Exclusive! It’s Robert Llewellyn!

Tuesday, 8 September 20203 minute read
Electric Vehicles

We interview Fully Charged’s Robert Llewellyn. And here’s a sneak peek of the amazing EV content, widget-wizardry and our new EV tariff coming to Pure Planet soon.

It’s World EV Day. Yes, it really is. It actually exists. And to mark this marvellous moment celebrating electric mobility, we’re thrilled to have created not one, but two films of our recent chat with actor and EV champion Robert Llewellyn. Electric cars, green energy and clean tech, we talk about all of that — and even about flying taxis, too.

Robert is the founder of Fully Charged — YouTube’s No1 EV and renewable energy show — he’s also a comedian, a writer and a much-loved actor. He’s earned a global fan base for playing Kryten in the cult series Red Dwarf.

In this exclusive Pure Planet People double bill, Robert reveals how and why he started the Fully Charged Show which, after 10 years and more than 500 episodes, has just passed an amazing 100,000,000 views. He explains how he discovered electric cars by accident… and how it changed his life.

In Film 1, Robert reveals how working on Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge helped inspire his interest in how electric vehicles work. We discuss why electric cars are so much greener and cleaner, and why their costs will keep on falling. And what we can all do to adopt more sustainable ways of travelling about.

In Film 2, our Community Members put their questions to Robert — what can Pure Planet do to help more people ditch dirty diesel and polluting petrol and choose renewably-powered electric cars instead?

Pure Planet drives electric

And here’s the sneak peak. Later this month, Pure Planet is launching the first in a series of new, electric vehicle services.

  • We have loads of new web pages coming, to guide you through getting your first EV, charging at home, as well as charging on the road.

  • There’s a brilliant cost & carbon calculator showing — for every make and model of EV — how much you’ll save (pounds and CO2 emissions) by going electric compared to filling up with petrol or diesel.

  • We have a tie up with a home charging company for the latest, smallest, smartest, cutest home charger available.

  • We have our Community sharing their views and real-world EV experiences — and you can even vote in our Community EV poll.

  • And we’ll have an exciting new EV tariff very shortly.

More on all of these very soon.

Meanwhile, put the kettle on, and have a watch of Robert Llewellyn to get you in the electric motoring mood. Enjoy.