You have the power to choose

Thursday, 14 May 20206 minute read
Pure Planet

Pure Planet launches the first of a new range of tariffs

“As consumers we have so much power to change the world, by just being careful in what we buy.”

So said Emma Watson, the campaigner and actor. And she’s right.

While consuming won’t provide the answer to the problems of consumerism; careful, considerate choices certainly do change the world, especially as far as energy is concerned.

At Pure Planet, all our electricity is 100% renewable and all our gas is 100% carbon offset — and it’s great value. You pay less for green. Our energy is priced with zero markup, so you won’t pay more than we pay when we buy wholesale electricity and gas for you.

With old-style suppliers, you’ll still pay more to pollute, more often than not. But it’s never been more important than it is today to choose clean energy.

Until now, we’ve offered one, great-value, variable tariff. Now, we’re offering you more choice.

Launching next month is the first of several new tariffs we’ll be introducing over time, as we help accelerate the energy transition to renewables and away from fossil fuels.

First, Pure Planet is launching a fixed rate tariff. More on that in a moment.

Beyond that, will come something for EV drivers — electric vehicles are the present, not just the future, as diesel and petrol vehicles sales dry up, and we move to a low carbon, low pollution transport system.

And then expect Smart tariff innovations. You’ll enjoy the benefits of cheaper rates during times of high renewable generation. If you have your own generation at home, like solar panels on your roof coupled to a battery, perhaps, or even just a battery — you’ll be able to trade power back and forth with the grid — meaning even cheaper rates for you.

A responsive, smart grid is also what the country is aiming for as we move ever more towards renewables. Being able to buy and sell electricity to and from people’s batteries at home will be key to managing supply and demand across the whole network.

These are exciting times. And we’re going to play our part by offering our Members a choice of products, a choice of tariffs, and a choice of prices as we move into this dynamic, green, electric world.

But it starts with fixed, which is first up.

This month we’re announcing our new fixed rate tariff. It’s a great-value 12 month fixed rate, offering extra peace of mind on kWh prices for renewable electricity and carbon-offset gas for a whole year. This new product is going live in early June when existing Members will be able to switch immediately and easily to it on their app or online account.

For new-to-Pure Planet customers, the tariff will be available to sign up to from mid May on our website. This means that new Members signing up during May will be coming on supply in early June (a minimum of 17 days later), around the same time as our existing Members will be able to transfer immediately to the new tariff. We’ll be adding other retail channels later.

Why fixed?

For illustrative purposes only. This chart shows how a fixed tariff works in theory. If wholesale costs and other charges change behind the scenes, you will still pay the same rate. The chart does not reflect actual costs or the amount you may pay. ‘Energy costs’ include wholesale, policy and transport costs.

It means you can lock in your Members’ rate (the price per kWh) and your Membership fee (standing charge) for a year in advance. Something to think about, especially now, when wholesale prices of energy are low.

With Pure Planet’s fixed tariff, you’ll be committing to the price we buy your energy at for the coming year ahead. And like our variable tariff, we won’t profiteer on the energy you use — our margin is included, along with our operating, people and systems costs, in our monthly Membership fee.

We won’t ‘tease and squeeze’, as so many energy suppliers do, by luring you to the fixed tariff with a ridiculously-low priced deal, then wallop you with a high variable price at the end of your contract in the hope you won’t notice.

We’ll offer you another fixed rate product at the end of your contract, or perhaps an EV tariff, or something else from the future range. We won’t leave you in the lurch.

Why variable?

For illustrative purposes only. This chart shows how a variable tariff works in theory. If wholesale costs and other charges change behind the scenes, the variable rate you pay is also likely to change. The chart does not reflect actual costs or the amount you may pay. ‘Energy costs’ include wholesale, policy and transport costs.

You might prefer our variable tariff. You might want more flexibility and freedom.

You might think energy wholesale prices have further to fall, and you’d rather move down (or potentially up) with the market. On our variable tariff we still buy energy ahead but normally on a rolling three month basis.

That’s why the prices for our variable and fixed tariffs will likely always be different: one buys energy a year in advance, the other around three months or so; one is set in stone for a year, the other can move up or down. Sometimes the fixed rate will be cheaper, sometimes the variable will be.

Either way, you have the choice

But you’ll be getting the same 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas. And both come with the same level of Which? Recommended, award-winning, always available digital service.

We’ll email all our existing Members introducing the new tariff in the next few of days; and we’ll contact everyone again in a couple of weeks explaining how you can flip to fixed.

It’ll be your choice. You have the power to do good. And with Pure Planet, whatever choice you make, it’ll always be green.