Zero Worry, Be Happy

Thursday, 21 November 20194 minute read
Pure Planet

Introducing Pure Planet Price Protection

Today, we make a pledge — a simple offer, providing reassurance for everyone joining Pure Planet. It’s a first for the British energy market; and we’re always happy to be pioneering for our Members.

From now on, we will protect all new Members’ energy prices from any increases for at least the first two months of their time on supply with Pure Planet.

Simply, it means that the price for their energy won’t go up during the first two months with us — whatever happens. And if our prices fall, their rates will go down straightaway too. It’s a win-win.

We call it Price Protection.

So, why have we done this?

We know it’s frustrating when an energy supplier puts up prices just after you’ve switched to them. From now on, that won’t happen to you when you join Pure Planet.

Last time we put our tariff up, which was way back in January this year, we had a number of people who had literally just joined felt that we could have told them beforehand or, worse, felt that we did it deliberately to spite them.

We didn’t, of course.

But we understand that’s how it can feel. You’ve scoured the market, checked the prices, decided to switch — then wallop. A price rise.

In fact, there’s no way we can tell anyone we are putting up prices until we tell them… (this applies to all suppliers), and at that point in time there is always someone who has just joined and may feel aggrieved.

It’s a fact of life, unfortunately. Not just within the energy world, but in other sectors too.

So, Price Protection does away with that narky, irritating feeling, and provides an early-days reassurance for new Members.

If you join us — and in the event we announce a general price rise — we protect your rates during your first two months on supply.

Beyond that, and for all existing Members, we always give notice before any increase takes effect too, by the way — our minimum notice period is 14 days, but last time it was almost two months. So, in reality, no existing Member ever has their price go up immediately.

Price Protection is simply an added comfort blanket. A reassurance. A simple way of providing peace of mind.

Think of it like an insurance policy (a bit boring but good to have).

And, remember, if our tariff drops during your first two months, we’ll lower your prices. You’re still free to go anytime, no fixed contracts, no exit fees. It’s not just a win-win, it’s a win-win-win.

We know what some of you might be thinking…. “They’re announcing this Price Protection thing now, because they are planning a price increase.” We’re not. Whatever time we chose to announce Price Protection, this new tariff feature, there would always be that thought, we understand that! But we have no plans to increase electricity or gas prices any time soon.

All our Members benefit from our single, fair, great value variable tariff, providing peace of mind that staying with us ensures you’re never over-paying for your energy. We buy energy for our Members’ future needs (it’s called hedging) in order to provide some certainty for a number of months ahead. So, you could argue it’s a win-win-win-win!

We’ll be publishing a price update blog soon, too, so watch out for that.

We consulted some Members of our Community to help shape Price Protection — our kind thanks to all of them for their input and observations.

Like our Community Members, we want people to really enjoy being part of Pure Planet, to value their relationship with us, a progressive renewable energy supplier.

We’re continuing to work on other improvements to our product and service. We’ve got enhancements coming around electric vehicles, carbon offsetting, and other Member benefits. Watch out for these in the coming months and exciting news on our Member Refer Friends benefits very shortly.

Thanks for being part of Pure Planet.