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Pure Planet

Our Company

Easy for everyone to make a difference

Pure Planet is here to help everyone make a difference to the world. As well as reducing our carbon footprints through energy. We are a platform to celebrate, showcase, and highlight campaigns for sustainable change. We applaud those making a positive difference. We admire their creativity and drive, so we showcase things which catch our eye, or need our support.

Our initial campaigns encourage the UK to adopt tidal and wave generation technology; make us think about the plastics we use - and too often throw away; and call for cleaner, safer air to breathe. You’ll see many more campaigns in future. Join in the discussion in our community and take a stand.

We’re proud to show our good for the world

Pure Planet is working towards a number of accreditations, and we’re pleased to be playing our part in helping build an organisation that people - our team and our members - want to be part of and to help shape.

We’re inspired by the global Sustainable Development Goals.


We aim to towards as many as we can, and are playing our part in helping meet Goal 7 by offering abundant renewable energy at an affordable price to British consumers.

A sustainable team

Our people are passionate for about living better, living smartly, and doing all they can to help our country be a beacon for progress, and our planet be safer.

 Energy is vital to life, and we’ve built a renewable business on the back of the passions of our team. We are a group of individuals, with many different backgrounds, who have come to work together to help make the future better.


Andrew Ralston, Steven Day, and their colleague Tom Alexander have worked together since 1999, when they founded Virgin Mobile in the UK. They have also run Orange, T-Mobile and were responsible for the launch of EE. Chris Alliott, our fourth cofounder, has been a close friend since those early Virgin days.

On Earth Day a couple of years ago they were struck by the need to launch a modern, digital, value for money, renewable energy supplier for British consumers. The team joined forces with BP to help finance the venture, and to benefit from BP’s world-class energy trading expertise. BP, one of the largest energy brokers in the world, buys all the renewable power and carbon offset gas on behalf of Pure Planet’s members.