Zero emission journeys with 100% renewable electricity

Charge your electric vehicle with Pure Planet's green, clean energy. Save money and power your car with zero emission electricity made by the wind and sun — get a quote and see what you'll save.
Plug in when you like. Charge without getting overcharged. Zero markup on the energy you use to charge, and the energy you use in your home.

Thinking of swapping your gas-guzzler for an electric vehicle? It’s a great time to — the innovative EV market is growing, with over 200 different models on UK roads, but our Members have told us it’s not a straightforward swap. We’ll explain the costs and savings, and how to find the right car, set up at home, plan long journeys and give you a sneaky peek of what we’re planning in the future. And, of course, why powering your EV with 100% renewable electricity is so important.