How much cheaper and greener is driving an EV?

Use our handy tool to calculate the cost per mile of that EV you've got your eye on. We'll compare it to petrol or diesel — you'll be surprised how much money and CO2 emissions you'll save.

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More reasons to love EVs

  • Road Tax

    Since April 2020, zero emission EVs pay zero road tax. Not just for the first year, but every year your car is on the road.

  • Congestion charges

    EVs are exempt from the congestion charge tax in London, saving you £11.50 a day. And, you can travel in the Ultra Low Emission Zone for free too — saving another £12.50 a day.

  • Running costs

    There’s about 20 moving parts in the ‘engine’ of an EV, compared to roughly 2,000 in your average internal combustion engine, so EV drivers see fewer risks of mechanical issues generally.

  • Leasing options

    For a modest deposit and affordable monthly cost, you can drive a cutting-edge vehicle without the money to buy one outright.

  • Gadgets

    EVs are increasingly coming with some super smart gadgets to enhance your driving experience. And not just fancy new Teslas — smarter tech is appearing on some lower-cost cars, too.

  • Government grants

    The plug-in car grant gives you a discount of up to £3,000 on an electric vehicle (excluding cars costing £50,000 or more). There’s also a grant of up to £350 for installing a home charging point.

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Power your EV with cleaner, greener energy

Getting an EV is even more reason to go green. All our tariffs come with 100% renewable electricity as standard. Renewable electricity powering your car means Zero Emission journeys.

And, you get great value, whether you choose to fix your rate or choose our flexible, variable tariff.

We're launching our first dedicated EV tariff soon for existing Members.

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