I want an electric car. Where do I start?

You’ve come to the right place!

City, saloon, SUV, sports — everyone from Kia to Porsche, and Mini to Land Rover are bolstering their collections with amazing electric options. Or, explore newer brands getting rave reviews, like Tesla or Polestar.

There’s now over 330 models on the UK market. With the government making the decision to ban new petrol and diesel car sales in just over a decade, now’s the best time to go electric. We’ll help you choose which one’s right for you.


Find an EV that suits your budget and your lifestyle

Use this tool from our friends at the EV Database to work out which EV is best for you. Search by make, model, price, speed, range and even plug type. Every model on the UK market is featured (and even peek at some upcoming models!) Found one you love? See what you'll save compared to petrol with our handy calculator.

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Nissan Leaf

More than 26,700 Leafs (Leaves?) have been sold in the UK making it the best-selling pure-EV in the UK



Chat to our Community about the vehicles they love (and some they don't)

The Pure Planet community is a great place to pick up EV tips, advice and honest reviews from real people. Ask them anything, and read first hand accounts about purchasing, driving, charging and owning an electric car, from our super-friendly Community Members.

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I've been driving a Nissan Leaf for just over a year

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It would be interesting to hear actual experiences of getting EV ready

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How do you charge when you're out and about?

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