How do I plan my journeys?

Long distance journeys take preparation. We’ll explain how to plan your journey - from how far you can travel on one charge, how many en route charges you require, the type and location of en route chargers you need and how to pay for them.

Use our charging point map to find the closest place to charge your electric vehicle.



Which chargers can I use? How long will it take?

Most EV drivers charge at home or at work. The average car journey is 22 minutes, and it's very unlikely you'll need to charge during regular, shorter journeys. But there are occasional longer journeys, of course, and also times when it feels reassuring to top up when you’re out and about – or if you can’t charge at home.

Because EVs are still fairly new, there's not yet agreement among the manufacturers on designing one charger or one plug that works with all cars at all charging stations. It can be confusing — once you get the hang of it, though, it’s straightforward. When planning a longer journey, you can ask yourself three questions.

  • Where can I stop?

    Use our map above, or a journey-planner like Zap Map, and filter to find chargers that work for you. Make a list of a few places you could stop along your journey

  • How long will it take?

    EV charging speeds are categorised as either rapid, fast or medium. Look for the rapid ones — you'll get a really decent charge in about 30 minutes. Perfect time to take a break and grab a coffee

  • How much will it cost?

    Finally, check which charging networks own the chargers you've identified. All the pay-as-you-go networks will have their own app — it's a good idea to download them before you leave. You're probably looking at about £7 for a rapid charge

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