Get set up at home with Pure Planet and EO Charging

Getting set up to charge from home is a really important part of owning an electric car. Charging from your own power supply tends to be a lot cheaper, as your household electricity tariff is about a third of the price of the average public EV charge point.
On average, around 80% of EV charging takes place at home. A Tesla Model 3 owner (the best-selling EV of 2020) plugging in 100% at home could save £850 on their annual fuel bill by switching from a petrol vehicle and changing their electricity supply to renewables from Pure Planet! You’ve got an emission free electric car, so it makes sense to use clean renewables to charge it up. To help, we've partnered with EO Charging to offer the world's smallest smart home charger.

Get set up with EO Charging


Small, smart, simple charging with the EO Mini Pro 2

  • Small

    It's the world’s smallest smart charger, perfect for the everyday electric vehicle driver

  • Smart

    Manage, monitor and schedule your charging sessions with the EO Smart Home app

  • Safe

    Home power balancing ready, and locking features to prevent others from using your charger

  • EO Charger
  • Futureproof

    Charge up with excess solar if you have solar PV (this feature can be easily added later, for an extra charge)

  • Compatible

    Compatible with all plug-in vehicles, and has 3 plug types: Universal socket, Type 1 or Type 2 Tethered

  • Affordable

    Fully installed from £545 with the Office for Low Emission Vehicle (OLEV) Grant and Pure Planet

Ready to charge up with EO and Pure Planet? Tap 'Get started' to get the EO Mini Pro 2 (including standard installation and £350 OLEV grant) from £545. You’ll need to upload some documents and photos to complete the application - find out more in our EO charge point FAQ.



Set up, costs and charge times explained

The best and most efficient way to charge your car at home is with a dedicated EV charger. It's safer, faster and more reliable. And you can get a government OLEV grant worth £350 if you have dedicated off street parking, making a sizeable saving on the cost of your charger. But where do you start? Here's our answers to the three most common questions about getting set up at home.

  • What do I need?

    You’ll need a space you can safely charge in. Typically, that'll be a driveway or a garage. Next, you'll need to choose your EV charger. Many EVs will come with a ‘granny cable’ — a cable that will charge up your car from the standard 3-pin sockets you have in your home. These are OK for occasional use, but we wouldn’t recommend them as a permanent home charging solution. We love the EO Mini Pro 2 — it's easy to book your installation, and it's a small, smart, safe charger.

  • How much does it cost?

    The EO Mini Pro 2 (including standard installation and £350 OLEV grant) starts from £545. Once installed, you only pay for the electricity you use to charge.

  • How long does it take?

    Standard installation takes around four hours. Your charger will be installed by an EO approved installer — all installers are OLEV approved and have completed the EO Academy, designed to ensure a safe and speedy installation. Once installed, you'll get around 15 - 30 miles of range for each charging hour.

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