If you can smell gas or believe there is a gas leak, call the Gas emergency line immediately on

0800 111 999

An engineer will be sent to your home to ensure the meter is safe and that you are back on supply. Don’t smoke, light any naked flames or use any electrical devices or lights. Open windows and doors and turn off your gas supply at the meter if you can.

If you’ve spoken to the hotline, everything is secure and you are still off supply, please tap > Emergency in your app menu to contact us. We’ll get straight on it.


If you have no electricity supply to your home, first call


To get through to your local distributor. Check that your neighbours have power. If they do, check your home’s main fuse box to see if one of your fuses has tripped. If one or more more of the switches keeps flicking back to the ‘off’ position, a light or appliance in your home may be faulty. Please contact an electrician who can identify the faulty appliance.

If your neighbours still have power, and your fuse box looks normal, please tap > Emergency in your app menu to contact us.