Account management

How do I inform you of a bereavement?

We know it’s a difficult time when someone you’re close to passes away. When it comes to their Pure Planet account, you can be reassured there’ll be no interruption to the energy supply.

If you need to let us know the account holder has passed away, or take over an account in the event of a bereavement, fill in our online form and we'll be in touch with you to get it sorted quickly.

How do I close my account?

To let us know you've moved out of your property, just head to your app or online account and tap the 'Move out' button in the Account menu. This'll lead you through the steps to close your Pure Planet account.

You can do this up to 2 days before your move, or any time afterwards. You'll receive your final bill within a few days of notifying us of your move out.

If you're on a fixed tariff, and you're not quite at the end of your contract, your exit fee will apply. If you switch your new home to Pure Planet, we'll happily reimburse your exit fee — just let us know once you've switched. 

If you'd like to switch supplier, we're sorry to see you go. Make sure to spend some time choosing the supplier you feel is right for you. All you need to do is get a quote and start your switch to them. Please consider another renewable energy supplier if possible — it makes a big difference!

Once you've started your switch away, we'll take care of everything. We’ll agree a final meter reading with your new supplier and calculate your final bill (which you’ll receive four to six weeks after your final day with Pure Planet).

Find out more about what happens when you close your Pure Planet account in our Community.

How do I change the details on my account?

To change your Direct Debit details, or the date we take your monthly payment, choose 'View your balance & payments' in your Pure Planet app or online account. Scroll down to 'Change bank account'.

To compare and change tariff, from the homepage choose 'View more about your tariff & meter' and choose 'Compare and/or change tariff'.

To amend your contact details, choose the Account icon and then 'View or edit your contact details'.

If you'd like to change the account holder, choose the Account icon and then 'Move out' under 'Your property'. We'll ask for the date you've ceased responsibility, closing meter readings and forwarding address. We'll create your final bill and close your account.

The person taking over responsibility can then create their own account by heading to our move in page here.

Do I have to have an app/ online account to be supplied by you?

Our award-winning app is the easiest way to manage your energy account with Pure Planet, and you can manage your account online too.

You'll need to have access to a mobile or tablet device that can run iOS 10+, or Android 5.0 (Lollipop)+, or a desktop or laptop that uses either the Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge internet broswers.

Can I access my account on different devices?

You can access your Pure Planet account on any mobile or tablet device that has the Pure Planet app downloaded, and any laptop or desktop computer using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge as its browser.

When you log in, just make sure you tap the email verification link on the same device you're accessing your account through.

Our app is supported on iOS 10 and higher, and Lollipop (5.0) and higher for Android users.

Can you add me to the Priority Services Register?

Our Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free service that lets you notify us of any vulnerabilities it would be helpful for us to know about, so we can provide the right support.

It's especially important for you to be included on the PSR if anyone in your home relies on electricity for medical or quality of life reasons, for example stair lifts or bath hoists.

You can sign up to our PSR during the switch process. If you missed it, not to worry — just log in to your app or online and choose the Account icon. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the Priority Services Register option — select 'Register on the PSR' and just fill out the form and tap 'submit'.

There's an option to request quarterly meter readings, as well as an option to add an 'authorised contact' to your account.

Living in Scotland? You may also be interested in learning about the Priority Services Register Scotland.