Billing & statements

When will I receive a final bill from my previous supplier?

It can take four to six weeks for your previous supplier to receive your closing readings and produce your final statement. We'd suggest getting in touch with them before cancelling your Direct Debit, as that may prevent them from issuing you a refund, or taking your final payment.

We send your meter readings via an industry process as soon as we receive them. We can't send closing readings directly to your old supplier.

What’s a Membership fee?

Our Membership fee is what other suppliers would call the 'standing charge'. It's collected in 12 monthly payments. It's included in any quote we give you, and your monthly Direct Debit.

It covers:

  • Your meter maintenance
  • Our people costs
  • Our operating and systems costs
  • Our low profit margin (there’s no mark up on your energy use)
  • VAT.

All our dual fuel Members get a discount each year. The discount amount will depend on your tariff, and will be applied as a monthly credit on your statement.

I've received a bill from you addressed to The Occupier - what do I do?

If you’ve recently moved into a new home (congratulations!) and your energy is supplied by Pure Planet, we'll send you a Welcome Pack through the post with instructions on how to get your account set up.

We'll address this to 'The Occupier' as we don't know you yet. If we don't hear from you, or you don't set up an account with us, we'll send your statement through the post every month so you know how much energy you're using and how much it costs.

The sooner you get set up, the better, as you'll be building up an energy debt. The quickest way is to head here and fill in your details, it'll only take a few minutes, and we'll automatically give you a £25 energy credit to your account if you decide to stay with us.

What if my statement is incorrect or higher than I expected?

If your statement's higher than expected, the first thing to do is check whether it's a consolidated statement. These are usually produced if we receive a meter reading that's lower than our previous estimates. Check the bill period dates at the top of your statement — if they cover more than one month, you've received a consolidated statement.

If that's not it, check to see whether your statement contains estimated readings. If we've over or under estimated your usage, just send us your meter readings in your app or online account — head to 'View more about your tariff & meter' in your account, then scroll down and select 'Send a meter reading'. Any over or under estimation will be naturally corrected in your next statement. There's no need to get in touch with us.

If you're concerned about your energy usage, the Energy Saving Trust can offer practical advice and tips on reducing energy consumption. Alternatively tap 'Get help & support' in your app or online account to get help from our team.

I'm a landlord, how do I manage my property's account?

If you’re a landlord or a letting agent and your tenant has recently moved out, just set up an account here for the energy the property uses until you’re no longer responsible for the bills. It'll take no longer than a few minutes.

We’ll email your monthly statements to you. Based on your Direct Debit, the statements will show the account as either in credit or debit. Don’t worry — when a new tenant moves in and you receive your final statement, any remaining credit will be refunded to you.

Once the new tenant moves in, they can set up their account in the same way. We'll close your account to the date the new tenant becomes responsible.

If you’d prefer not to create an account with us, you can make a one-off payment to cover the cost of energy used while the property was vacant.

If you need to make a one-off payment contact our Collections team at Let them know the property address, your name and telephone number, and a good time to call you to take payment.

How can I reduce my energy consumption and cost?

The Energy Saving Trust can offer practical advice and tips on reducing energy consumption, or check out pages in our Community to get advice from our other Members.

How do I read my monthly statement?

The first page of your monthly statement shows a summary of your account transactions for the billing period. We'll let you know your 12 month cost projection, and your account balance.

A 'CR' before your account balance means you have a credit balance; a 'DR' means you have a debit balance.

The second page of your monthly statement shows a breakdown of your charges and your tariff details. You'll also see the calculation used to convert your gas units from cubic metres (m3) to kWh.

All prices shown on your monthly statement exclude VAT at 5% unless stated otherwise.

You can view and download all your statements at anytime on your app or online account. Select 'View your balance & payments' and then 'Statement history'.

How often will I receive a statement?

You'll receive a statement every month on the anniversary of your supply start date. We don't provide annual statements.

You can view and download all your statements at anytime on your app or online account. Tap 'Balance & payments' and then 'See your statements'.

How do billing and payments work at Pure Planet?

You'll pay a set monthly payment via Direct Debit into your Pure Planet account. Each month we'll use your readings, Smart meter readings or estimates to calculate how much energy you've used. We'll deduct the cost of that energy, leaving your account with a credit or debit balance. We'll send your monthly statements to you via email, and they'll always be available to view or download in your account.

We set your initial monthly payments based on the annual energy consumption you gave us to get your quote.

We'll then review your account every six months to ensure that your payments and usage are in line, and you're not building up a large credit or debit balance. We may recommend an increase or decrease in your monthly payments, and either issue a refund or suggest a one-off payment.

If you see a large credit or debit balance building in your account, you can request a manual account review by heading to the 'View your balance and payments'section of your app or online account, and selecting 'Request a review now'.

How can I avoid estimated statements?

If we can't collect meter reaings automatically from a Smart meter, each month we'll send you a meter reading reminder via email, a few days before your statement's due. If we don't receive a reading in time (or if we receive a reading too early) we'll use an estimate to produce your statement.

To avoid estimated statements, you can find the exact day to send us your meter readings readings on your reminder email.

If you can't send us a reading, don't worry — any estimates we use are based on the past usage data at your property. If you feel the estimate is incorrect, just enter a reading when you can and it'll be taken into account on your next statement. There's no need to get in touch with us.