Extra support & schemes

What is the Warm Home Discount?

The Warm Home Discount (WHD) is a government scheme offering £140 energy credit to Members who need it most. It's paid by energy suppliers as a credit to your energy account.

Our winter 2020/21 Warm Home Discount window has now closed. Winter 2021/22 will open for applications in Autumn 2021 — we'll let our Members know when it does. Find out more about our scheme, as well as an example of our eligibility criteria, on our Warm Home Discount page here.

Do Pure Planet offer the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a scheme for suppliers to fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in British households. Obligated energy suppliers work with installers to introduce certain efficiency measures into your home, such as loft or wall insulation, or heating measures.

Under ECO, you could benefit from:

  • Gas boiler replacements
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Under floor insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Solid wall insulation

Click here to find out more about ECO from OFGEM, the energy regulator.

We participate in ECO via a third party, who deliver the scheme via their network of local installers. In order to benefit from ECO you’ll need to own your home or have the permission of your landlord.

To request ECO support, contact your local authority, who should be able to get in touch with an installer in the local area on your behalf, or put you in touch with the relevant installer. You can also contact the Energy Saving Trust who can advise you who to contact.

Do you offer the Smart Export Guarantee?

If you generate green electricity at your home, for example with solar panels or a wind turbine, you could be eligible for our Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariff. We'll pay you 5p per kWh to export your green energy to the grid — helping us get the UK to Net Zero.

Find out more and apply on our SEG page.

Do you have a Feed in tariff?

The government's Feed in tariff (FiT) scheme closed in April 2019. If you're already in the scheme, you can still switch to us for your supply, and your FIT payments will remain with your current supplier.

We're offering the successor to FiT, which has an equally appealing acronym — the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)!

If you generate green electricity at you home, for example with solar panels or a wind turbine, you could be eligible for our SEG payments. We'll pay you 5p per kWh to export your green energy to the grid — helping us get the UK to Net Zero. Find out more and apply on our SEG page.

Can you help me with my boiler?

We’ve partnered with Hometree (the UK’s top-rated provider). Their boiler care plans are tailor-made to tackle all sorts of issues that can crop up in your home. On top of that, rapid response times, flexible appointments, fair pricing and world-class customer service give you total peace of mind.

Check our Hometree partnership page for more information about Hometree and to get a quote.

Can you help me insulate my home?

Insulating your home is a great way to reduce your energy usage, and save a little money too.

We participate in the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), where we (through a third party) help fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in households in the UK. These energy efficiency measures could include insulating your home. Contact your local authority or the Energy Saving Trust for more information.

You may also be able to get support insulating your home through the Green Homes Grant — there's more info on the Green Homes Grant, including the eligibility criteria, on the government's website here.

What if I can't afford my monthly payments?

We have a dedicated team to support our Members with their payments. We’ll be able to offer you flexible and realistic payment plans. Tap 'Get help and support' in your account and let us know if you need more support from us.

We’ve also partnered with a specialist debt advice charity called StepChange to help any Members who are struggling to make ends meet. Stepchange provide debt advice and practical help and support for anyone struggling with money.

If you’re unsure whether you need advice, try the 60-second debt test on the StepChange website. By answering a few simple questions, you’ll quickly find out if you’d benefit from free and confidential debt advice. You can also get in touch with Stepchange on 0800 138 111.

Can I get extra support with Pure Planet?

While you’re on supply with Pure Planet, we’ll do our best to provide support where and when you need it.

Our support is 100% digital, which allows us to be more efficient and save money — savings we pass on to you.

In your account, tap 'Get help and support' then 'Ask a question'. Our chatbot WattBot will put you through to our team if he's not able to assist with your query. This is the quickest way to get in touch with us, and we respond within one working day. The team's around to help you Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.

We’re also available via Direct Message (DM) on Facebook and Twitter — we’ll ask you to confirm some details for security. Or, send us an email at help@purepla.net. Email replies take longer than WattBot.

While you’re on supply, we’ll also get in touch to:

  • Let you know when we need meter readings (if your meters aren’t second generation Smart meters)
  • Update on your account balance — we’ll review your account every six months to make sure your payments and usage are on track
  • Send your monthly statements — you can also view and download these any time in your app or online account
  • Inform you of any upcoming changes to your tariff