Moving home

I've moved into a home supplied by Pure Planet, what do I do?

If you've recently moved into a new home (congratulations!) and your energy is supplied by Pure Planet, get up and running with an account in no time. If you've received a letter from us, it'll have a unique 'move-in code' on it — grab that, it'll make it even easier. Got it? Go here and fill in your details, it'll only take a few minutes. Can't find your code? No worries. Go here and fill in your details anyway, we'll find you with your address.

Moving house is an expensive time, so we'll automatically give you a £25 energy credit to your account if you decide to stay with us.

By the way — we only supply 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas, so you're already making a difference to our planet.

I'm a landlord, how do I manage my property's account?

If you’re a landlord or a letting agent and your tenant has recently moved out, just set up an account here for the energy the property uses until you’re no longer responsible for the bills. It'll take no longer than a few minutes.

We’ll email your monthly statements to you. Based on your Direct Debit, the statements will show the account as either in credit or debit. Don’t worry — when a new tenant moves in and you receive your final statement, any remaining credit will be refunded to you.

Once the new tenant moves in, they can set up their account in the same way. We'll close your account to the date the new tenant becomes responsible.

If you’d prefer not to create an account with us, you can make a one-off payment to cover the cost of energy used while the property was vacant.

If you need to make a one-off payment contact our Collections team at Let them know the property address, your name and telephone number, and a good time to call you to take payment.

How do I tell you I'm moving out?

When you move house you don't automatically take your energy supplier with you — you become a deemed customer of whoever supplies the property you move in to. Don't worry, you can switch back to Pure Planet once you've moved in!

To tell us when you're moving home, choose the Account icon in your app or online account menu, and then tap ‘Move out’. We'll ask you to confirm your moving date, your forwarding address so we know where to send your final bill, and ask for a final meter reading. There's no need to tell us in advance — a day or so before your move date is fine. That's it! We'll then email you to confirm your home move is underway.

If you’re on our 100% Green Fixed tariff it’s worth noting that exit fees will apply if you move out of your property before the last 49 days of your contract.

Once in your new home, you can start a new switch to Pure Planet — if you do decide to switch your new home to us, we’ll refund your exit fees. And, if you switch back to Pure Planet within three months, we'll give you a £25 reward! Just make sure you use the same email address for your new Pure Planet account so we know it's you.

Do you supply my home with energy?

If you’ve recently moved into a new home and you’re not sure who currently supplies your home with energy — then check out the Meter Point Administration's online search tool, Find My Supplier. Once you’ve found out who your new energy suppliers are, you’ll need to get in touch with them to let them know you’ve recently moved in — having a set of meter readings with you is always handy.

Is it Pure Planet? Get up and running with an account in no time here. Choose our variable tariff if you're thinking about switching away.

If you don't get in touch with your existing supplier before trying to switch away, they may block your switch, so it's always best to get in touch.

Can I switch my new home to Pure Planet?


Once you’ve moved into your new home, get in touch with the existing energy supplier to let them know you’ve moved in. If you're not sure who supplies your new home, ask your estate agent or previous owner - or your landlord, letting agent, or previous tenant, if you’re renting.

Then, just get a quote and start a switch for your new property. It'll take less than two minutes.

Remember, if you switch your new home to Pure Planet within three months of moving from your old home, we'll give you a £25 reward! Just be sure to use the same email address so we know it's you.

We’ll be happy to welcome you back to Pure Planet in your new home.