Payments & Direct Debits

Will my payments stay the same on a fixed tariff?

When you switch to any of our 100% Green Fixed Tariffs, we agree to fix the price of your unit rates. This means we won't change your unit rates (the cost per kWh of the energy you use) for the duration of your contract.

The payments you make are dependent on the usage figures you give us when generating your quote. We’ll use your figures to buy your energy in one lump some. We’ll then suggest a monthly Direct Debit amount, by splitting the cost of your annual energy into 12 payments. So, if you tell us you use around 2,900kWh of energy a year, we'll set your Direct Debits to cover that usage.

Once you're on supply with us we'll start to learn a little more about your actual usage. You might send us meter readings, or we might collect them automatically from your Smart meter. Every six months we'll review your account to make sure your usage is in line with your payments, and you're not building up a credit balance or debit balance with us. We might suggest a change to your monthly Direct Debit, or give you a refund. Remember the cost of your energy isn't changing, we're just adjusting your payments to make sure they refelect how much you're using.

Why do you have a seasonal payment split?

Our Direct Debits are a little lower during the warmer months of April to September, and a little higher during the cooler months of October to March. This matches average usage patterns, with most UK households using consierably more gas and electricity during the cooler, darker months. Averaging payments throughout the year makes it more likely that our Members would build up a large credit or debit depending on the time of year, and when they switched to Pure Planet.

We'll let you know when you get a quote what your payment schedule will be.

Why are payments taken in advance?

We, like some other suppliers, take your payment in advance. This is because we buy your energy in advance so we can get the best prices. You can find more information on how we buy your energy from our co-founder, Chris Alliott, in our Community here.

What payment methods do you offer?

Our Members pay via monthly Direct Debit. You can set up a Direct Debit (or change your Direct Debit details) from any UK bank by heading to the 'Balance & payments' section of your app or online account. Changes to Direct Debits take 10 calendar days to take effect.

We're also able to offer our Smart PAYG tariff to our Members once you've switched to us — fill out the form here if you're interested in Smart PAYG. We'll get in touch with everything you need to know about Smart PAYG, including our prices in your region.

What happens to my balance when I switch?

Suppliers are unable to transfer outstanding credits or debits to other suppliers.

Once you've switched, your previous supplier will send you a final bill. Depending on if your account is in credit or debit, they’ll advise you if there's anything extra to pay them, or if they're issuing you a refund.

Your old supplier could take up to six weeks to produce your final bill, although it's usually quicker. If you’ve not received your final bill within six weeks of switching to Pure Planet, or if you haven’t yet received a refund that you're due, you’ll need to speak to your previous supplier directly.

What happens if I'm not paying enough, or paying too much?

We review your account every six months to make sure your payments are on track and match your monthly usage. If you're building a high credit balance we'll lower your payments and may send you a refund.

To request a refund, tap on ‘Manage your balance and payments’ from the Pure Planet app home screen. If you’ve built up credit, you’ll now see an option to get a refund.

To avoid our Members from falling into debit, there might be times when you won’t see the refund option:

  • If we’ve not had a meter reading from you in the last 60 days
  • If you’ve not had a bill in the last 32 days

Refunds accessed from your Pure Planet app will take up to five working days to appear in your bank account.

We’re also limiting refunds to £200 and we won’t issue a refund if it’ll put your account in debit. This new feature is not, for now, available in the web account. It’s app-only.

If you're building a debit balance we'll ask to increase your payments. We won't change anything without letting you know first, and giving you a chance to get in touch.

Our team is always here to support you if you're struggling with your monthly payments.

How do I edit/ manage my Direct Debit?

To manage your Direct Debit, head to your Pure Planet app or login to your online account.

Once logged in tap or click on the Account icon. From here, you’ll be able to:

  • Change the date your Direct Debit payment is made
  • Change the bank account your Direct Debit comes out of
  • Review the amount you pay, what your next payment will be and when it'll be taken

If at anytime you don't think you're paying the right amount, you can request that we review your account here too. Remember that we'll automatically do this every six months anyway.

And if you have a debit balance with us, you can also make a one off payment or set up a payment plan by tapping 'Manage my balance'.

How do billing and payments work at Pure Planet?

You'll pay a set monthly payment via Direct Debit into your Pure Planet account. Each month we'll use your readings, Smart meter readings or estimates to calculate how much energy you've used. We'll deduct the cost of that energy, leaving your account with a credit or debit balance. We'll send your monthly statements to you via email, and they'll always be available to view or download in your account.

We set your initial monthly payments based on the annual energy consumption you gave us to get your quote.

We'll then review your account every six months to ensure that your payments and usage are in line, and you're not building up a large credit or debit balance. We may recommend an increase or decrease in your monthly payments, and either issue a refund or suggest a one-off payment.

If you see a large credit or debit balance building in your account, you can request a manual account review by heading to the 'View your balance and payments'section of your app or online account, and selecting 'Request a review now'.

Do you have a Pay As You Go Tariff?

If you're on a Pay As You Go tariff (sometimes called PAYG, or prepayment) with a different supplier you can still switch to us as long as you have a Smart meter. If you have a first generation Smart meter (SMETS1), you'll need to ask your current supplier to change it to 'credit mode' when you switch away. For newer, second generation Smart meters (SMETS2), you'll automatically switch from prepayment to credit when you switch to us.

If you don't have a Smart Meter and you currently top up with a pre-payment card or key, you'll need to ask your current supplier to install a Smart meter before switching to us.

We're not yet able to offer our Smart PAYG tariff to our Members - but you can register your interest — fill out the form here. We'll get in touch with everything you need to know about Smart PAYG, including our prices in your region, when we're ready.

Do you charge exit fees?

On our 100% Green Variable tariff there are no exit fees — you can change tariff, move home or switch supplier at any time.

On our 100% Green Fixed tariffs, your unit rates (the price per kWh of energy you use) are fixed for the length of your contract. If you change tariff, switch supplier or move home more than 49 days before the end of your contract, you'll incur a £30 per fuel exit fee. We'll get in touch towards the end of your contract to let you know what your options are.

If you move out and switch your new home to Pure Planet, we can reimburse your exit fee once you've made your first payment on your new account. Just tap 'Get help and support' in your app or online account and let us know you've switched your new home to Pure Planet.

What if I can't afford my monthly payments?

We have a dedicated team to support our Members with their payments. We’ll be able to offer you flexible and realistic payment plans. Tap 'Help' in your account menu bar and let us know if you need more support from us.

We’ve also partnered with a specialist debt advice charity called StepChange to help any Members who are struggling to make ends meet. Stepchange provide debt advice and practical help and support for anyone struggling with money.

If you’re unsure whether you need advice, try the 60-second debt test on the StepChange website. By answering a few simple questions, you’ll quickly find out if you’d benefit from free and confidential debt advice. You can also get in touch with Stepchange on 0800 138 111.