Smart meters

Will I need to submit meter readings with a Smart meter?

If you have a first-generation Smart meter (SMETS1) we may still ask for your meter readings. That’s because, for some SMETS1 meters, the smart functionality is currently only available from the supplier that installed the meter.

That means as soon as you switch supplier your In-Home Display, or IHD (the small portable screen that comes with your Smart meter), will no longer update, and your meter readings won't be sent automatically to your new supplier. You’ll need to take manual readings from your meter, not your IHD.

Work to connect SMETS1 meters to the SMETS2 network (to make them ‘smart’ again, even if you switch suppliers) is ongoing. This is being coordinated by an Ofgem-regulated body called the Data and Communications Company (DCC). It's expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

If you have a second-generation Smart meter (SMETS2), including any Smart meters installed by Pure Planet, we may still ask you to enter your meter readings for a short time after your switch and/or the Smart meter’s installation. That’s because it can take a few weeks to make sure everything’s set up, and that we’re receiving your ‘Smart’ readings.

Once everything’s set up, you’ll see ‘Smart’ readings in your meter reading history. Open ‘Tariff & usage’ in your app or online account menu, then tap ‘See past meter readings’. We’ll stop sending you meter reading reminders once we can take them automatically.

Why can't you get readings from my Smart meter?

If your Smart meter was installed by another supplier, we might not yet be able to connect and get readings from your meter.

We, and the energy industry as a whole, are working to get all Smart meters fully connected so they stay smart when you switch suppliers.

Currently we expect this work to be completed by the end of 2021.

It's very likely that at some point in 2021, we'll be able to connect to your Smart meter. If you have a first-generation Smart meter (SMETS1), this will be upgraded to the SMETS2 network, or replaced with a SMETS2 Smart meter. In the meantime, we’ll need you to manually provide meter readings, and we'll continue to get in touch monthly to remind you to send them. Once we're connected to your Smart meter, we'll stop sending these reminders.

Who is Pure Planet’s meter installation provider?

We’ve partnered with Magnum Utilities to install second generation smart meters (SMETS2) for our Members. They carry out all our Smart meter installations and most emergency appointments on our behalf.

Magnum Utilities’ team of engineers drive clearly marked vans with their name and logo. The team all wear the Magnum uniform of dark blue with yellow trim. All engineers carrying out installations will also display a Magnum Utilities’ ID card. This carries a photo, their full name and their job title.

What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are an efficient way to accurately record your monthly meter readings. They’ll record your household’s energy usage like normal, but they’ll also tell your energy supplier how much energy you’re using, so you don’t have to. They can help you save money by helping you better understand how you use energy in your home.

They also help to modernise the national energy network. Having a clear picture of how much energy homes are using, at what times, means the grid can more accurately manage energy generation and distribution.

This also helps combat climate change by helping to prevent wasted generation, reducing the grid’s overall carbon footprint.

There are some concerns that Smart meters will use your WiFi or they’re bad for your health. Don’t worry. Your smart meters don’t (and have never) connected to WiFi, and there are plenty of scientific studies proving that Smart meters also don’t pose a risk to your health.

What if I don’t want a smart meter?

Energy suppliers are obliged by the Government to offer you a Smart meter, regardless of if you've expressed interest in the past, but you're under no obligation to accept at this stage. You may be contacted by us in future to check if you're still not interested in having a Smart meter fitted.

Do I have to pay for a smart meter?

No. Smart meters installations are free of charge.

Can you fix/replace my In-home Display?

We can replace In Home Displays (IHDs) for SMETS2 meters that we’ve installed. If your Smart meter was installed by another supplier, we can't replace your IHD if it breaks.

Can I have a smart meter?

We’re rolling out second-generation Smart meters (generally referred to as SMETS2) — installations of these meters are free of charge. Currently, we’re focusing region by region and have several teams moving around the country to focus on different locations.

We’ll get in touch when there are engineers available in your region, to ask if you’d like a Smart meter installed. We’ll also check your Smart meter eligibility — there are a few reasons why your property might not be suitable for SMETS2.

If you have a first-generation Smart meter (SMETS1), this will be upgraded to the SMETS2 network in 2021 or replaced with a SMETS2 Smart meter.

Some Pure Planet Members won't be contacted just yet. That includes anyone with non-standard meters, or anyone in an area where there's currently low network coverage.