Will I incur exit fees switching to Pure Planet?

If your tariff with your current supplier has exit fees, these’ll be waived if you’re switching within the last 49 days of your contract — this is an Ofgem regulation.

If you’re switching to Pure Planet after recently moving from a home which we supplied (and you incurred exit fees), then we’ll credit your exit fees to your new account — you’ll just need to use the same email address and switch to Pure Planet within 90 days of moving from your previous home.

Why has my switch been blocked?

If your current energy supplier is blocking your switch to us, we’ll need to cancel your switch. We'll send you an email to let you know.

You’ll need to get in touch with your current supplier to find out why they’ve blocked the switch — we’re not informed why, only that we can't go ahead. If your old supplier confirms they'll lift the block (sometimes called an 'objection'), just get a new quote and start a new switch to us with the same email address.

Why hasn't my switch started?

If you’ve requested a switch and haven’t had an update, there are a couple of steps you can take to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Double check that you’ve confirmed your switch by verifiying your email address. Check or search your inbox for an ‘ACTION’ email from Pure Planet. Occasionally, we need a little more information from you to complete your switch. Again, check your inbox and any spam or junk folders for any emails from us.

Your switch may have also been blocked by your current supplier — we'll have emailed you with more information if that's the case.

Why am I switching to Pure Planet if I haven’t requested it?

Occasionally, someone can switch your home supplies accidently (if you live in a new build or a flat this is more common), or some of the National Database information that all suppliers use can be out of date or wrong.

This might means your home switches to Pure Planet, or another supplier, without your knowledge.

There's a clear process for energy suppliers to follow if this happens, and you'll be completely protected.

All you need to do is get in touch with us (or the supplier you think you've been switched to accidentally) and let us know that you've been switched by mistake. We'll start the process (known in the industry as an 'erroneous transfer') to return you to your original supplier. We'll keep you up to date and let you know what the next steps are, and if there's anything you need to do.

What’s the switching process?

When you switch to Pure Planet, it takes us 17 days to complete your switch. There's a few different industry processes we need to go through.

We handle the entire switching process for you — there’s no need to contact your previous supplier, and no need for an engineer to visit the property. Your lights always stay on. We'll keep you updated via email, so if you're unsure what's happening please check our emails aren't falling into any promotions, junk or spam folders.

You’ll make your first Direct Debit payment on the day your supplies switch to Pure Planet, and remember, as we buy your energy upfront (based on the usage figures you provide us in your quote), we then split the cost of your energy over 12 months. We’ll collect a little less in the warmer months and a little more in the colder months. We do this as you’ll usually use less energy in the warmer months and more energy in the colder months — this helps prevent your account needlessly dipping between debit and credit. All this will be confirmed before you start your switch, along with your Direct Debit payment amounts.

Your second Direct Debit payment will be taken a month after your supply start date — once you're up and running you can change your Direct Debit date to a date you prefer in your account. Tap 'Balance and payments' in the menu.

We’ll also review your account every six months, to make sure your payments and usage are on track.

What happens to my balance when I switch?

Suppliers are unable to transfer outstanding credits or debits to other suppliers.

Once you've switched, your previous supplier will send you a final bill. Depending on if your account is in credit or debit, they’ll advise you if there's anything extra to pay them, or if they're issuing you a refund.

Your old supplier could take up to six weeks to produce your final bill, although it's usually quicker. If you’ve not received your final bill within six weeks of switching to Pure Planet, or if you haven’t yet received a refund that you're due, you’ll need to speak to your previous supplier directly.

Can I switch through a price comparison website?

Like most energy suppliers, Pure Planet appears on price comparison websites.

You can usually find us on Uswitch, Money Supermarket (including Money Saving Expert), Comparethemarket, Energylinx, Energy Helpline, Go Compare and Which.co.uk.

Can I choose my supply start date?

Switching to Pure Planet usually takes around 17 days to complete — so although you can't pick a date, you can use the 17 days as a guide.

If you're concerned about exit fees from your previous supplier, it's worth noting that you can start a switch within the last 49 days of your current energy contract without incurring any exit fees. This is an Ofgem regulation.

If you've already switched, we're unable to change the date you come on supply with us. You'll need to cancel your switch by tapping 'Cancel switch?' on your account homepage.

Can I switch if I have solar panels?

Yes you can. The government's Feed in tariff (FiT) scheme closed in April 2019. If you're already in the FiT scheme, you can still switch to us for your import electricity and gas supply, and your FiT payments will remain with your current supplier.

We're offering the successor to FiT, which has an equally appealing acronym — the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)!

If you have solar panels and aren't currently part of the FiT scheme, you could be eligible for our SEG payments. We'll pay you 5p per kWh to export your green energy to the grid — helping us get the UK to Net Zero. Find out more and apply on our SEG page.

Can I cancel my switch?

If you need to cancel within the first 14 days of your switch, head to your Pure Planet app or web account. Under 'Tariff & Meter' choose ‘Cancel your switch’. We won't charge you exit fees, and you'll stay with your current supplier.

We’ll get in touch to confirm we've received your cancellation request, and again when your cancellation has been completed.

If you're concerned about exit fees from your previous supplier, it's worth noting that you can start a switch within the last 49 days of your current energy contract without incurring any exit fees. This is an Ofgem regulation.

If you’ve already switched to Pure Planet, or if you’re still in the process of switching but are outside of your 14-day cooling-off period, you’ll need to wait until 10 days after your supply start date with Pure Planet before initiating another switch to a new supplier.

If you switched onto any of our 100% Green Fixed tariffs, there are exit fees for switching away before the end of your contract.

We'd recommend leaving your Direct Debit active until we've sent your final bill, so we can take any outstanding debit, or refund any credit.