Will my unit rates or prices change?

On our 100% Green Variable tariff, your Members' rates (kWh unit rate) can move up and down at any time after your first two months. We regularly review the market, and we'll always give you at least 14 days notice of a price increase.

Check out our blog for more information — every three to six months we publish a review of the wholesale market.

On any of our 100% Green fixed tariffs, your unit rates will stay the same for the duration of your contract. We will regularly review your account to check that your payments and usage are in line, so your Direct Debit amount can change — but the underlying Members' rates (kWh unit rates) will not.

What’s a Membership fee?

Our Membership fee is what other suppliers would call the 'standing charge'. It's collected in 12 monthly payments. It's included in any quote we give you, and your monthly Direct Debit.

It covers:

  • Your meter maintenance
  • Our people costs
  • Our operating and systems costs
  • Our low profit margin (there’s no mark up on your energy use)
  • VAT.

All our dual fuel Members get a discount each year. The discount amount will depend on your tariff, and will be applied as a monthly credit on your statement.

What are your unit rates?

Get a quote for unit rates in your area — it'll take less than 60 seconds.

Depending where you live in the UK, your kWh unit rates for gas and electricity will vary regardless of which supplier you’re with. The difference in cost across each geographical region is down to the cost of transporting gas and electricity to your home. The varying costs are determined and charged to us by your Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

We don’t make money on the transport costs of getting energy to your home.

A number of factors make up the variation, such as:

  • How much energy is sent to certain areas by distributors
  • How much energy we assign to a region (depending on demand)
  • How much energy is generated in certain regions

If you live near a power station, or an energy distribution centre, you may think it’s cheaper — this isn’t always the case, as energy created by these stations may be required to travel to another place in order to make sure it’s ready for use in homes around the country.

Do you charge exit fees?

On our 100% Green Fixed tariffs, you're signing up to stay with us for the duration of the contract. If you'd like to leave early, get in touch with us and let us know — we'd love to help you first! If you do leave early, we do charge an exit fee. We'll clearly display what the early exit fees will be when you get a quote.

There's no exit fees and no fixed contracts on our 100% Green Variable tariff.

Around 49 days before your contract ends, we'll be in touch to let you know what your options are, and you can then leave without penalty. No need to remember the date - we'll get in touch to let you know, and remind you a few times towards the end of your contract. We'll also remind you on your app or online account.

Do you have a Pay As You Go Tariff?

If you're on a Pay As You Go tariff (sometimes called PAYG, or prepayment) with a different supplier you can still switch to us as long as you have a Smart meter. If you have a first generation Smart meter (SMETS1), you'll need to ask your current supplier to change it to 'credit mode' when you switch away. For newer, second generation Smart meters (SMETS2), you'll automatically switch from prepayment to credit when you switch to us.

If you don't have a Smart Meter and you currently top up with a pre-payment card or key, you'll need to ask your current supplier to install a Smart meter before switching to us.

We're not yet able to offer our Smart PAYG tariff to our Members - but you can register your interest — fill out the form here. We'll get in touch with everything you need to know about Smart PAYG, including our prices in your region, when we're ready.

Do you have an Electric Vehicle tariff?

We've launched our first Electric Vehicle tariff. As this is our first step towards offering different EV charging tariffs to fit different needs, we’re restricting access for now. This also allows us to make sure the tariff is correctly set up before it gets wider traction.

This tariff is a 12 month fixed, is restricted to people with traditional Economy 7 meters, or with SMETS2 smart meters in E7 mode.

You can see all our current available fixed and variable tariffs on our website.

Thinking of switching to an EV? See how much you'll save in CO2 emissions by connecting your petrol or diesel car to your Pure Planet app.

Do you have an Economy 7 Tariff?

We offer a 100% Green Fixed Economy 7 tariff, if you switch directly through Pure Planet. You can get a quote on our website. We don’t currently offer a variable Economy 7 tariff.

We can supply electricity to dual-rate economy 7 meters.

  • If you have a traditional (non-smart) electricity (and traditional gas, if you have it) meter, you can choose to switch to a single-rate tariff, or to our Economy 7 tariff.
  • If you have a SMETS1 electricity meter, we can supply you with electricity, but only with a single-rate tariff. You wouldn’t be able to switch to our Economy 7 tariff.
  • If you have a two-rate SMETS2 electricity meter (and, if you have gas, a SMETS2 gas meter), you can choose to switch to a single-rate tariff, or to switch to our Economy 7 tariff.
What's the difference between a fixed and a variable energy tariff?

All our tariffs are made up of a monthly Membership fee (standing charge) and a Members’ rate (kWh unit rate) for gas and electricity. Choose one to suit you best — a fixed tariff, where both the Membership fee and Members’ rate are fixed, or a variable tariff, where they can change in line with wholesale, transport and policy prices.

100% Green Variable Tariff Choose a variable tariff if you want freedom and flexibility. There's no fixed contracts and no exit fees — you're in control. We protect your unit rates for your first two months. After that, your unit rates can go up or down. We'll always give you at least 14 days notice of a price increase.

  • No exit fees
  • No fixed contract
  • Price protection for two months

100% Green Fixed Tariffs Choose a fixed tariff if you want peace of mind. We'll lock in the price of your unit rates and Membership fee (standing charge) for the whole length of the contract. As we buy your energy up front, there is an exit fee if you switch away early on these tariffs.

  • Unit rates fixed
  • No price rises, no surprises

And remember, all our energy, on any tariff, is 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas. Get a quote to compare.