Zero markup


Zero markup

Fair, transparent pricing with Zero Markup. Choose the tariff that suits you best. Our fixed tariff offers more peace of mind, and our variable more flexibility. We’ve designed our green energy tariffs around you.

Backed by bp
We don't make profit on the energy you use
Straightforward, transparent pricing. You pay no more than we pay
We collect a little more in the cooler months and a little less in the warmer months
100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas
Our electricity is from wind and sun. Last year our fuel mix was 89% wind, 11% solar
Our carbon offset gas supports projects in the Peruvian Amazon
Complete your switch in 17 days — the fastest in the industry
We're 100% digital — manage your account easily online or with our award-winning app
We'll do everything for you. We'll tell your current supplier, and keep you updated every step of the way

Our Tariffs

Designed around you

All our tariffs are made up of a monthly Membership fee (standing charge) and a Members' rate (kWh unit rate) for gas and electricity.

Choose what suits you best — a fixed tariff, where both the Membership fee and Members' rate are fixed, or a variable rate, where they can change.

Fixed tariff

Best for peace of mind

Lock in the price of your unit rates and Membership fee (standing charge) — we guarantee no price rises for the whole of your contract. Peace of mind, no worries — whatever happens. As we buy your energy up front, there’s early exit fees on our fixed tariff.

  • Unit rates fixed
  • No price rises, no surprises
  • Early exit fee

Variable tariff

Best for flexibility

Choose a variable tariff if you want freedom and flexibility. No fixed contract or exit fees — you're in control. We'll protect your unit rates for two months. After that, your unit rates can change. We'll always give you at least 14 days notice of an increase.

  • No exit fees
  • No fixed contracts
  • Price protection for two months

Tariff Details

Our tariff rates

Pop in your postcode to see a detailed breakdown of our tariffs, including the kWh unit rates and Membership fees (standing charge).

Or, get a quote to see exactly how much you'll save with Pure Planet.


Membership fee

The Membership fee covers:

  • Your meter maintenance
  • Our people costs
  • Our operating and systems costs
  • Our low profit margin
  • VAT


Members’ rate

This is the per kilowatt (kWh) unit rate. It's a pass through rate, based on wholesale costs, which means you pay what we pay for your energy. There's zero markup.


Fixed or Variable?

Both your Members’ rates and Membership fee can be either fixed or variable, depending on what tariff you choose.

Learn more about how fixed rate tariffs workLearn more about how variable rate tariffs work


Dual Fuel discount

All our dual fuel Members get a discount each year. The discount amount will depend on your tariff, and will be applied as a monthly credit on your statement.


Your payment schedule

Our Direct Debits are higher in the cooler months and lower in the warmer months. The calculation is based on using 60% of your energy between October and March - when it's dark and your heating is on. This helps to prevent you building up large credits or debits depending on the time of year you join.

We’ll let you know as you switch what your payment schedule will be, showing your summer and winter Direct Debits.

Everything’s covered by your monthly payment, including VAT and your Membership fee.

Payment schedule