Economy 7 tariff

What is an Economy 7 tariff?

Economy 7 is an energy plan that offers two different rates for electricity depending on the time of day.

With our Economy 7 tariff you’ll get a cheaper ‘off-peak’ electricity unit rate for 7 hours overnight, making it a great choice for homes who use more energy after dark.

To switch to Economy 7 you’ll need to have a compatible meter that works with a dual rate tariff already.

Who is Economy 7 for?

Best for night owls

Our Economy 7 tariff could be a cheaper option for your home if you:

  • Work from home during the night
  • Have an electric vehicle that’s charged overnight
  • Use an electric storage heater to warm your home

You’ll also need a dual-rate Economy 7 meter or a Smart meter that’s operating in Economy 7 mode.

The drawbacks of Economy 7

Is it right for me?

While the amount you pay per unit of electricity will be cheaper at night, the daytime rate will be more expensive than a standard tariff.

So, if you’re using just as much or more electricity in the day, Economy 7 might not be the most cost-effective tariff for you.

It’s also worth noting that our Economy 7 tariff is fixed for 12 months — that means you’ll have to pay a £30 exit fee per fuel if you decide to change your tariff sooner.

Ready to switch to Economy 7?

Getting set up

At the moment, we’re only able to offer the Economy 7 tariff to homes that have a dual rate meter or Smart meter in dual rate mode already. If that’s you, you’re good to switch.

All our tariffs are made up of a monthly Membership fee (standing charge) and a Members' rate (kWh unit rate) for gas and electricity.

Start your switch by getting a quote now.

Not quite sure about our Economy 7 tariff?

Not quite right? Try one of these tariffs instead

Our tariffs are designed to suit you.

Fixed tariff

Best for peace of mind

Lock in the price of your unit rates and Membership fee (standing charge) — we guarantee no price rises for the whole of your contract. Peace of mind, no worries — whatever happens. As we buy your energy up front, there’s early exit fees on our fixed tariff.

  • Unit rates fixed
  • No price rises, no surprises
  • Early exit fee

Variable tariff

Best for flexibility

Choose a variable tariff if you want freedom and flexibility. No fixed contract or exit fees — you're in control. We'll protect your unit rates for two months. After that, your unit rates can change. We'll always give you at least 14 days notice of an increase.

  • No exit fees
  • No fixed contracts
  • Price protection for two months

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Economy 7 and a standard energy tariff?

With a standard energy tariff you’ll pay the same amount per unit of electricity, regardless of the time of day. But with Economy 7 you’ll be charged a different amount per unit depending on the time of day. This means you’ll pay less for 7 hours overnight, for whatever hours your meter is currently configured to (the most common times are between 00:30 and 7:30, or 00:00 and 7:00).

Is the Economy 7 tariff right for me?

The Economy 7 tariff is best suited to homes that:

  • Have members of the family working from home during the night
  • Use electricity only to power their home
  • Have an electric vehicle that’s charged overnight
  • Use an electrically heated hot water tank or an electric storage heater
  • Run appliances like washing machines, slow cookers and dishwashers overnight.

If you’re a heavy electricity user at night, the Economy 7 tariff could be a cheaper option for you. That’s because your electricity’s unit rate will be cheaper during the night when you’re using it more.

Do I have a compatible meter?

If you’re a Pure Planet Member with a SMETS2 (second-generation) meter, or SMETS1 (first-generation) meter that’s been upgraded to the SMETS2 network, you’ll need to check it’s in dual rate mode. If you input two meter readings, either labelled ‘day’ and ‘night’ or ‘rate 1’ and ‘rate 2’, your meter is compatible.

If you’re not already a Member, you can check if your meter is compatible by looking at your bill — if there are two different unit rates (day and night, or rate 1 and rate 2) displayed you can switch. If not, you’ll need to ask your existing energy provider to upgrade you to a Smart meter in ‘Profile class 2’ mode before you can switch over to our Economy 7 tariff.

I don’t have a dual rate meter but would like to switch to Economy 7 — can I do this?

Sorry, we’re not able to switch you to our Economy 7 tariff at the moment, but hope to offer this in the future. Why not try one of our other 100% Green tariffs instead?