Fixed Energy Tariff

What is a fixed rate tariff?

A fixed tariff means that both your unit rates and your Membership fee (standing charge) won’t change for the whole of your contract. So you’re protected from price rises. All our tariffs include 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas, and we provide duel fuel fixed price tariffs or electricity only.

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We buy your energy up front and pass the wholesale cost to you — we don’t make profit on the energy you use
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Unit rates protected for the whole of your contract. No price rises, no surprises
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We’ll remind you when your contract is coming to an end, and let you know what our best tariffs are


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Fixed price


Avro Energy

Simple and SuperConnect

Fixed price


Outfox the Market

Fix'D 20 14.0

Fixed price


Together Energy

Green Together Fixed July21 v4

Fixed price


Tonik Energy

Go Green Fix (12m) v2 + Free Boiler Service

Fixed price


Green Network Energy

GNE Summer Sizzler V8

Fixed price


Shell Energy

Energy November 2021 v2

Fixed price


OVO Energy

Better Smart

Fixed price



In Control Green Sept 2021 V1

Fixed price



Fix Online Exclusive v48

Fixed price

Pure Planet

100% Green 12m Fixed Sep20 v1

Fixed price

Pure Planet 100% Green 12m Fixed Sep20 v1

Fixed Tariff



Utility Point

Just Join UP 12M Fixed Wk23

Fixed price


npower Select

Exclusive 12 Month Fix v14

Fixed price


Green Star Energy

Fix for Less 12m v8

Fixed price


Gulf Gas and Power

Gulf Home Renewable 12 September 21 v3

Fixed price



Ebico Prime 24 Fixed v5

Fixed price


Sainsbury's Energy

Sainsbury's Energy 1 Year Fix and Reward v11

Fixed price


EDF Energy

Simply Online 1 Year Fix Sep21v6

Fixed price


Octopus Energy

Octopus 12M Fixed

Fixed price


Co-op Energy

Co-op 12M Fixed February 2020 v1

Fixed price


So Energy

So Birch Essential - Green

Fixed price



Online Energy v5

Fixed price


Utility Warehouse

Green Fix 4

Fixed price


Zebra Power

Zebra Fixed Rate August 2021 v1 Paperless

Fixed price


Yorkshire Energy

Green Settle - Fixed Until 30th September 2022

Fixed price


People's Energy

People's Energy Fixed Tariff September 20 v2

Fixed price




Fixed price


Entice Energy

Fixed Saver v8

Fixed price


ESB Energy

Brighter Future 12 v9

Fixed price


M&S Energy

M&S 12M Fixed March 2020 v2

Fixed price



Fixed Term 12 Month 2020 Issue 9

Fixed price



Super Saver September 2021 B2

Fixed price


British Gas

HomeEnergy Secure Jan 2022

Fixed price


Green Energy UK

Sparkling 2022

Fixed price

Source: USwitch. Prices correct as of 11 September 2020. Values estimated using Ofgem’s typical domestic consumption values. Low: gas 8,000kWh, elec 1,900kWh. Medium: gas 12,000kWh, elec 2,900kWh. High: gas 17,000kWh, elec 4,600kWh. We’ve only included fixed price, dual fuel tariffs available to all 14 energy regions. We try to ensure we use accurate information and have calculated an average yearly price across those 14 regions. This chart is an indication of costs and market position.


How we calculate our fixed rate tariffs

For fixed price energy tariffs, we calculate your unit rates on the current cost of electricity and gas for the whole of the fixed term period. When you switch to us, we purchase enough energy to cover our forecast of what you’ll be using over the whole period.


Peace of mind

So if you switch to a 12 month fixed tariff, we “lock in” the cost of your energy for a full year. Your unit rates won’t change during that time.

As we’re buying energy for you up front, we charge an exit fee on this tariff if you switch away or change tariff early.

at the end of the fixed term

What will happen when my contract ends?

Near the end of your contract period, we’ll be in touch to let you know what your options are and what our current best tariff is.

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Our tariffs are designed around you.

Variable tariff

Best for flexibility

Choose a variable tariff if you want freedom and flexibility. No fixed contract or exit fees — you're in control. We'll protect your unit rates for two months. After that, your unit rates can change. We'll always give you at least 14 days notice of an increase.

  • No exit fees
  • No fixed contracts
  • Price protection for two months